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    Default Christmas and New Year at Couples

    We've just booked 10 days at Sans Souci followed by 11 at Negril, to begin 18th December. Any advice on holidaying at Couples over the festive season would be much appreciated, Please. Also, can we choose where to have our repeaters dinner and resort credit (our 3rd visit to Couples Negril)? We're both really excited and although haven't yet sampled the delights of Sans Souci, we love Negril.
    Huge thanks - only 9 months to go!!

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    You will have repeaters dinner at both if you are there onthe correct days. You will also get your repeaters credits at both resorts.

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    They do a great job decorating and entertaining over the holidays - you'll see lights everywhere, Christmas trees...even Santa Claus. Then the New Year's Eve (if you are still there) is a HUGE party!

    You get one repeater dinner and one resort credit per stays of 7 nights or longer, so like Dandj mentioned, you will get them at each resort - like you are having 2 separate vacations.
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    You are in for a treat! The holidays with Couples is very festive, they really know how to do it. Bring nice clothes for the parties and formal dinners you will be attending (Christmas Eve, Christmas, and NYE). Keep in mind that it is hot and humid, so dressy but cool and comfortable. We bring Christmas gifts for staff--especially housekeeping. If you do this, you need to include a note with any gifts indicating who it is for and from as staff are searched on the way out and are strictly forbidden from accepting tips. It must be a bonafide gift. We bring things like nice chocolates, quality toiletries (lotions etc.), crayons, pens and art supplies for kids, sport shirts, hats or diving gear (smaller items). Also, for San Souci, do not miss having a massage in the hideaway--this is one of the best experiences you can have anywhere. Also order lamb chops from room service-devine!

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    Hi Jean, My husband and I have spent the last 3 NYE's at CSS! The resort is always at capacity, but you would never know it--you never feel crowded and don't have to fight for a lounger. The Christmas decorations are beautiful and the party they put on for NYE is amazing! We won't be spending NYE 2013 at CSS, we've been priced out of the NYE party! I'm sure it will be amazing and I will just have to wait to return to CSS in July 2014!!!!

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    I'm just jealous you are going to be in lovely Jamaica for 3 weeks! Wish I was able to do that.

    And what dandj and Amy said. Repeater dinner invites at both locations and resort credit for both as well.
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    Thanks so much for your responses, guys. Now all I have to do is loose a stone or two before we go, so that my posh frocks look good!!

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