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    I've seen threads for the insider tips for CN & CSA, so how about one for CSS? We are making our first Couples trip to CSS in May and would love to hear about all of the things we should do, shouldn't do, insider secrets, etc... Thanks in advance!!

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    As are we. It'd or honey moon in may so any tips is fantastic.

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    Do go to Sunset Beach your first day and try au naturel. If you like it you'll go back every day, if not you cn skip it. Much better to find out the first day rather than the last!!

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    We just got back from our first Couples vacation less than 2 weeks ago, and are already planning our return trip, and i can bet my wife will agree when I say we are officially Couples loyalists for life.

    EXPLORE. We spent ten days there for our weddingmoon, and didn't even explore the entire resort, even though we tried to on multiple days. There are SO MANY different pathways and splits and branches to check out. We did take a small flashlight with us for our night time exploring. The paths are dimly lit, but we only needed to use the flashlight in a couple spots, mainly to make sure we weren't stepping on any lizards or very large spiders.... (it was a new moon, so it was about as dark as it could be).

    PRIVATE DINNER at the wedding gazebo. Just do it. nuff said.

    Evening meals can take an hour and half to 2 hours from start to finish, so plan accordingly if you want to watch the nightly entertainment outside the balloon bar. The private dinner took closer to 2.5 hours or so.

    COUPLES MASSAGE in the hideaway (or driftaway). getting a full body massage with your loved one with the waves crashing just feet below you is PHENOMENAL. We got a free 25 minute one for our wedding, and then immediately after that they had a couples massage class, so we got to give each other ANOTHER free massage.

    Dunns River Falls was a blast, and its free. you don't have to sign up for it in advance. Just show up in the lobby in the morning.

    At the lunch buffets, tuesday beach party, and friday gala, take small portions, so you can try some of everything. we were there for 10 days, and I learned this on day 8. Its hard to constantly eat 2-3 plates of food for every breakfast, lunch, and half the dinners.

    Sunset Beach. Try it as soon as possible, that way, if you like it, you can spend the rest of your vacation "over there."

    Be adventerous when it comes to drinks and food. My wife ( ) hates coconuts and pineapples, but most of her favorite drinks ended up being made with one or both of those flavors. The same is true about seafood.

    Not that its a big secret, but get to know the staff. The more you get to know them, the better your stay will be. (when you get there, tell Sasha, Spaghetti, and Linguini (the twin towers) that Jarrod and Tina say hi and we miss them!)

    And remember, once you go, you know... (Now I know!)

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    Be sure to visit the hidden jacuzzi in the Mineral Pool area. Stop at the veggie bar first for smoothies and sweet potato chips! The mineral grotto by the little beach in front of the gym is a great place to dip your feet and see the fishies in the cool spring water. Then book your massages for both of you at the spa. One other thing we REALLY love is putting our early room service order on our door before bed so that we can wake up to coffee, juice and a fruit plate on our balcony. That's heaven!

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    The best kept secret about CSS is their GM Pierre Battalgia..He's a hands on employer that treats every guest as if they are his only guest....Be sure to seek out Pierre and give him a Hi and Hug from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

    CSS has beauty with every step
    Name:  Big Hug8.gif
Views: 679
Size:  59.5 KBCSS is what a troplical resort should feel and look like.
    CSS is personal,relaxing and fun filled.
    CSS has a staff that aim to please and pamper you.

    No insects or spiders to worry about.

    SO..GO.RELAX.ENJOY CSS and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff

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