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    Hello Everyone!!

    My fiancé and I are getting married at Couples Swept Away in May. Several of our friends and family members are coming as well. I've been considering making some sort of itinerary for the evenings or afternoons to get everyone together once a day. What are fun things that we should do in the Negril area?? None of us have ever been there before. Any ideas are welcome!!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Best wishes on your up coming wedding. We renewed our vows at CSA last year and had family/friends join us. It was wonderful. What we did everyday was to meet at one of the bars on the beach before dinner to see who was doing what and to make plans for the evening if anyone wanted. Most nights we all ended up at the paino bar. The only thing I really asked that we all do together other then wedding was the catameran and drinks the night before the wedding. I figured it was a romantic vacation for them too.

    Haven't tried it yet ( 66 days to go) but the one love bus crawl looks like a blast if your looking for things off the resort to do.

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    Hi Leslie, Congrats on getting married at CSA. My wife Kim and I were married at CSA in May of 2009. We're heading to CSS this May to celebrate our 4th anniversary... and have already booked our 5th anniversary at CSA in May 2014. It's awesome getting married on the beach!

    I'm not so sure you should plan activities everyday... sounds like too much stress, especially for a bride to be. We prefer to chill out with no schedules... and we hardly ever leave the resort... it's paradise, and you've already paid for everything... stay, relax, enjoy. There are so many things to do right there at the resort.

    That being said, don't miss going to Rick's Café once to watch the sunset and the tree divers. Also plan one afternoon for all your friends and family to go on the catermaran (sp) cruise.

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    We made a day trip to the Pelican Bar. What an awesome place to see. Google it!! Congrats

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    We go for a week or so each year. I check out 2-3 things to do and if we leave the resort to do 1 of them it is a lot. Once there you will find activities at the resort (snorkeling, glass bottom boat, sunset catamaran cruise, water skiing, kayaking, scuba, etc), laying out on your floatie in the warm Caribbean water, and walking the beach in both directions will be too much fun to leave. Don't stress, don't overbook, just enjoy! We were married at CSS and have been back there 3 times and to CSA 3 times. One off site excursion is plenty. Make a day of it and book a private driver to hit 2 or 3 things if you are really torn.

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    I agree with everyone. You will be amazed how sand gravity kicks in and relaxing becomes the main activity of the day. It is wonderful. Don't plan too much, let the week just happen. One offsite activity will be plenty, plus you want your guests to enjoy themselves and not feel like they have to do everything with the group. Meeting in the evenings before dinner is a great way to see who all might be interested in doing something that evening or perhaps the next day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vbos View Post
    We made a day trip to the Pelican Bar. What an awesome place to see. Google it!! Congrats
    How do we go about planning this and how much is it??

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    Do a search on google for "Negril Jamaica private tours" and get information on drivers you can hire for the day. Email them and ask for costs and times for the places you want to go. Their sites offer various tours and prices may even be negotiated. Always worth a try. This is how we do our ONE off site activity. We left last year to go to Appleton Estates and the YS Falls while stopping at the Bamboo Alley and a local eatery along the way. You can always add Rick's for a short visit toward the end of the day. Fun to see the cliff divers. There may even be threads on here for drivers people have used. Just don't overplan several days. A Jamaican trip to Couples is to relax and unwind...not a thing to do on a schedule.

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