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    Default Shuttle between resorts?

    My husband and I had previously booked a 7-day stay at CSS and a 3-day stay at a non-Couples resort in Negril. Well, we decided that we didn't want to waste a full day of vacation going from Ocho Rio to Negril, so I cancelled that 3-day reservation at the non-Couples resort and made a 3-day reservation at CTI.

    So now we are staying 7 days at CSS and 3 days at CTI. I know they are only a 10 - 15 minute drive away from each other, and I'm wondering if Couples will provide transportation between the two resorts.

    I've read on these message boards that there is a "day pass" for Romance Rewards members (which we are) but our situation is slightly different, as we want to go to CTI not for a "day pass" but to stay there.

    Does anyone know if Couples will provide transportation for us to get from CSS to CTI? I guess we could take the Couples bus from CSS back to the airport and then catch the Couples bus from the airport to CTI but that seems like a waste of a whole day.

    Any help, advice, or sharing of personal experiences regarding this topic will be much appreciated!

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    We're splitting our stay between CSS and Negril in December/January and there's been no problem in Couples arranging transport between the resorts (and the holiday has cost no more to spend it at the two venues). It will be a long transfer but we think it will be worth it!
    Best wishes

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    No need to worry about catching the bus from CSS to the airport to go back to CTI. It's 5-10 minutes between the two resorts and they'll arrange transportation from one to the other at no cost to you. Just let them know what time you want to head over and they'll set it up. We typically go over after lunch and are ready to enjoy the day at the other resort.

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    I have done a split stay between CSS and CTI. They will arrange for the transfer for you at no additional fee.
    Juliann & Jeff
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