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    Default New Years 2014 Roll Call-We Survived the End of the World Party!

    Let's get this thread started! Colby and Heather will be there December 29, 2013-January 5, 2014. We promised friends we made at New Years 2012 that we would meet them back at CSA for New Years 2014 if the world did not end. So far, so good, and we are booked!!! This will be our 12th time to Jamaica, 9th time to Couples and 6th time to Swept Away. Looking forward to celebrating life and the survival of the species with you all.

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    Mike and Kara will be there 12/27/13 - 1/3/14. This will be our 3rd Trip to CSA. Never been there during New Years so we are excited!

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    Looking forward to seeing you there Mike and Kara. Swept Away takes NYE to a whole new level! Let the count down begin!

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    Melinda and mike we were there 2011-2012 New Years as wellName:  image.jpg
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