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    Default Flying out of Charlotte, NC

    Hi! My husband and I are on the 7:55 flight out of Charlotte to MBJ. I know you are technically supposed to be there two hours prior to take-off, but for anyone who's taken this particular flight before, what time do you usually arrive at the airport?

    We are trying to figure out if we should get a hotel the night before or drive to CLT in the morning... we are about 1.5 hours away.


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    We're from Winston Salem and are taking that exact flight for the 4th time on 4/6. We usually get a hotel. Who wants to get up that early??? I don't think you need to be there 2 hours early. We usually get there about 1.5 hours early and it's plenty to park, check in, check bags and WAIT. The big thing is that this flight is almost always oversold. Make sure you have a seat assignment now or you could have a problem. This happened to us the first time and we ended up having to fly through the Bahamas to get to Jamaica that day.. It was not fun.
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    Hubby and I just booked a room at the Charlotte Airport Holiday Inn for the night before our May 6th flight. They have a stay and fly package so you can leave your car and they take you to the airport. That saves $6 a day in parking! Plus no worries about making the morning drive. SO worth $90!!!

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    Check out Airport Hotels - Park Sleep and Fly Packages | Free Airport Parking we use it all the time. You can't beat the price. Usually we get a room and up to 10 days of parking for about the same price as parking alone. We arrive the night before, have a relaxing dinner, and wake up refreshed and unrushed for our flight the next morning.

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    My advice, be safe and get there 2hours ahead. The last time we took that particular CLT flight, on a tuesday which is slow day, only 1 security was open and took almost the hour to get through.

    90% chance an hour would be fine. Pretty good odds. But as a frequent business traveler, i've seen way to many people crying because they miss a flight and another was not available for days.

    And as other poster said, park and stay hotel rates are often cheaper than parking at airport. I can recommend either of the hyatt places at CTL.


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    We have taken this flight a number of time and since we are only about 20-30 minutes from the airport we don't stay at one of the AP hotels. However that certainly sounds like a great option with the park and fly. For a flight this early, we target getting to the AP around 6:30-6:40 (an hour and 20 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes). We actually find we could have gotten there another 20-30 minutes later, but you never know so we like to have a little margin.

    We will be using this flight again May 6th...

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    We just got back from Jamaica (Mar 28th) and flew into Charlotte, NC. Immigration and security lines were time consuming and we missed our connecting flight. We had a 2 hour layover. Could be cause it was spring break. Was supposed to have gotten home at 6:30pm and with the missed flight was very lucky to get in at 11:00pm

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    Aurora, I'm afraid this is going to happy to us in a couple weeks. Were you charged for missing your connecting flight? We do have trip insurance, just not sure how this would fit in.

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    I work a the Charlotte Airport and I have a little advice for anyone flying out of CLT. ALL gates lead to the same place. GATES A,B,C,D,E are all the same. For some reason most passengers choose to go through Gate C and they wait in line when Gates D and E are usually always empty.

    Once you get behind security it is all the same. So even if your ticket has a specific gate on it, you do not need to go through that gate.

    Also Wi-Fi is free at CLT airport.
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    The 2 hour requirement is for passport clearance on all international flights; the airline can refuse you to board an international flight if you do not check in. My brother has been refused on a flight - granted he got there an hour before international departure. I have a green card so always err on the side of caution - what is a half hour compared to missing a day in paradise. We too are on the early flight out of CLT next Saturday - soon come mon

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