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    Default which resort would u recommend?


    i'm considering either CSS or CTI for our wedding next year and wondering if anyone can provide any insight into the better option. Would likely get the ultimate pkg or the Tower Isle pkg but just at the planning stages at the moment. Has anyone had a wedding at either resort and invite off-resort guests? We have family in JA who will want to come but not willing to stay a week since they live on the island? Any info around this. Would really appreciate any feedback - there's so many choices for a destination wedding i just want to make sure i choose wisely.

    thanks in advance.

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    I got married at CSS and loved the resort. It was beautiful. Haven't been to CTI, so I can't offer an opinion about that one. All of our guests stayed at the resort, but I know they offer day passes for guests. You could probably send an email to the wedding planner for more info.

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    I believe you can get the TI package and stay at CSS. They would just provide transportation for you. It's only a 5 minute drive. However, I thought that CTI was absolutely wonderful! You can see some of my pictures there. =)

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