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    Default Wedding Sept. 2009--curious???

    We are getting married at Couples Swept away in Sept. 2009. It is just the two of us. Can anyone share with me how their wedding and arrangements were? What time did you get married? Did you do pictures before or after the ceremony? When you cut your cake? what did you do afterward? Is there a time frame? I wanted us to be able to have dinner on the beach after our ceremony and have our cake there. Is that possible?? Any information would be great?

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. We got married at CSA in Dec last year. You will meet with the wedding coordinator the day before your wedding and talk about all the details. You will pick your flowers, cake, music, wedding location or any upgrades at that point. Our wedding was at 11 am and our photographer was there from 10:30 till 1 or 2 pm. We just enjoyed our time at the resort till dinner at Feathers. There isn't a time frame. Generally, the ceremony alone is about 15 minutes. Private dinner on the beach is an option that costs $75/person (correct me if I'm wrong) and you may request through the wedding coordinator. Following is a little flow chart of our wedding, hope it helps.

    1) Groom gets ready in the salon, bride gets ready in the room
    2) Groom and guests arrive at wedding site 10-15 min ahead of time
    3) Wedding Coordinator picks up bride and brings her to site
    4) Wedding Ceremony
    5) Sand Ceremony
    6) Sign marriage certificate
    7) Cake Cutting
    8) Reception
    9) Picture taking around the resorts
    10) Free time
    11) Dinner at Feathers

    Please share pictures and reviews when you come back =]

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    Congrats! We were just married at the end of August. Our wedding time was also 11am, which worked out perfectly, though it was very HOT! That gave us time to enjoy the day afterwards - our photo shoot didn't end until well after 2pm - plus, we weren't waiting around all day until our wedding. The sky and ocean were the most beautiful color then. We noticed each day that it clouded up mid-afternoon. Our photographer was Misha Earle and she is fabulous, in both her work and personality. I have to say it's crap that the resort charges $500 for an outside vendor and I wasn't going to do it, but last minute I booked her and it I have to say it was worth it for great pics. (that was our "splurge!)She arrived a bit after 10 am and near the end, took us to the West End for photos too.

    We had dinner at Feather's that night and it was deelish. It's also the only airconditioned facility which was perfect after we'd been out in the sun taking photos for so long. We ended up skipping the private dinner and opted to dine at Feathers for a second time, instead. If you need more, feel free to email me @

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    I also got married at the end of Aug at CSS. We were married at 10 am. My photographer was Stacey Clarke. I had a salon appt at 8 for hair/makeup. My man hung out with the boys while the girls came and hung out with me for a bit and then they went and everyone got ready. I was finished at the salon around 930 and went and met the photographer and got ready. The wedding coordinator came and got me at 10 mins before and the wedding started right on time and was very quick. Then we signed the marriage license, had the cake reception, and took pics until about 1 or so. My husband and I went and showered and then met everyone for lunch, and we all just hung out the rest of the day.

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