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    My husband & I are going on our first trip to CSA in May 2013 and I have started to see alot of neg. reviews on tripadviser regarding staff and the place looking run down. Has anyone just come from CSA that can shed some light on this? I am more than excited about visiting but now feeling anxious and wondering if I picked the right resort?

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    There are 2731 reviews on TA for CSA 1772 are excellent thats 64%of the people who took the time to write a review that loved CSA. There are 765 reviews on TA for CSA that are very good/average. That is 28% of the people who took the time to write a review that had a good time. There are only 194 poor/ terrible rewiews thats less then 10% of the people who took the time to write a review that didn't love CSA . The numbers are in your favor for having a great time.

    I understand that for most of us these trips are alot of money and we don't want to be disappointed. And if you never gone you read a few bad review and start to wonder if you picked the right place. I was having bad dreams before we went on our first trip. The rooms were shacks with tools and the grounds weren't so much as lush/tropical as over a over grown bug infested jungle. LOL

    Have you looked at the pics here and on TA? thats what your going to get. Are the rooms/lobby fancy, nope. Do the staff try and get you to join everything, nope. The rooms are beautiful in their simplisticy and the staff is friendly and fun if you are friendly and fun. If you want something to do its there if you just want to relax on the beach you can do that too. The food is yummy ( try any and all soups) and drinks are free flowing and strong. Even if the resort isn't your cup of tea, your still in Jamaica on one of the best beaches in the world how bad can it be?!?

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    As in most cases you or anyone can have as much fun as you let yourself have! Just live by the old and trusted saying..."don't sweat the small stuff" and you will have a great time. Many let the smallest things upset them, can't let it go, and ruin their vacation. Then when they get home it is "get even time" on TA. We are on our way back to Couples for the seventh year in April. Married at CSS and been there 3 times. Loved it! Went to CSA and going back for the fourth year. Love it! These are not the crystal, marble, and polished brass resorts of Cancun that compete for your business with glitz. CSA is a great beach resort that is layed back fun with many of the buildings being the beach villa type with private winding tropical paths between them. In fact our PBFS had no glass in the windows. Only screens for any bugs and shutters for privacy or airflow. I can hear the night time tree frogs peeping and the waves lapping on the shore right now. Ya mon.

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    You'll find about 10% bad reviews for Walt Disney World also. Hard to believe people don't know what to expect there.

    I'd recommend this, look up somewhere you've been and love on Trip Advisor and read those reviews. You'll likely to be able to find some very nit-picky issues people had with things that wouldn't bother a normal person.

    There is also an element of "poisoning the well" on travel review sites. People with an interest in trash talking a resort for the gain of themselves, or a competing property. I once found the exact same (word for word) bad review of six hotels in a small area. Obviously this was not truthful.

    In the end, hey it may not be for you. No place be can perfect for everyone because we're all different. You can see it right here on this board as some folks love one resort, but not another for what is obviously their personal tastes. You should have a good idea what couples is all about from researching TA and here so my bet is you'll have a great vacation.

    Scott and June

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    My husband and I just got back from CSA (Mar 21-28). It was our first time to CSA and Jamaica. We, too, read the good and bad reviews and was feeling anxious about our decision on the resort. Let us tell you we had the time of our life. No regrets from us. The resort and staff were awesome. The rooms are dated but still nice and comfortable. Food drinks and all activities were great. Don't worry you are going to have a wonderful time.

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    You know, I have never been to Couples at all (17 days until that is fixed) and I was getting a little nervous about the reviews too. But I think I can tend to agree with what everyone has said here when it comes to TA. I think that any place is what you make of it. Sure there is always room for improvement since we are all human beings. Some places are dumps. I think knowing what you are getting into is a good thing. My wife and I tend to no expect much when we go places, so that way we don't get disappointing if things don't meet some predetermined expectation that we have.

    As redinthehead stated, 10% bad reviews from all the people that were able to review and did or didn't is pretty good in my opinion. I fully plan on giving an honest review of CSA when we get back.

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    I'm with Stewart,
    I will be at TI in 11 days!!! and cant wait. Take a look at a few bad reviews, then go back to the reviewer's history. I bet you will find that they posted bad reviews for a lot of the other places they have stayed at also. Some people can't be happy. Also take a look at the other places they liked, see what island or type of resort/hotel they liked. I bet they aren't Couples people at all, and we can't help that THEY made a mistake in coming here.

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    Look at it this way, with so many repeat visitors, how could ALL these resorts be bad? We are going back for our second trip to CN in July, and previously I was somebody who wouldn't travel to the same place twice without trying something new. You will enjoy yourself, no worries!

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    We were at CSA for the first time March 22-27 and absolutely loved it! You can read my review that I posted yesterday to get a much better idea of what to expect! If you have any questions, let me know!

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    Thanks, I feel much better and the excitement is crazy! I agree that every place has bad reviews and no one can please everybody all the time. counting the days until may 20!

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    Stay excited everyone! CSA is all you've dreamed of and more. Relax and enjoy. Love, Razzl

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    Name:  hugs99.gif
Views: 388
Size:  36.6 KBYou need to understand what I think is the truth about the Couples Resorts.
    All four of the Couples resorts are wonderful in all catagories.

    They are not Five Star Gold Plated DO NOT TOUCH resorts.
    You will find the rooms clean but you might see a knob missing,a lamp shade wrinkled or an air conditioner that has a minor leak..You MIGHT see these or you might NOT.
    At first you might think the employees are slow but get on their pace to really enjoy yourselves.

    You will see happy loving employees.

    You will see beautiful fun filled properties.
    You will taste great food.
    You will meet strangers and turn them into life long hugging friends
    Each of the Couples Resorts are alive and breathe air..
    You will become a family member and not just a number.

    Do not worry at all.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CSA and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff.
    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

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    Quote Originally Posted by razzldazzlme View Post
    Stay excited everyone! CSA is all you've dreamed of and more. Relax and enjoy. Love, Razzl
    Hi Razzl,

    We actually met last month. You were at the bar a couple of times while I was there. You introduced yourself to another board member and were asking one of the staff members about her new baby. I was impressed that you really did care about the staff members so much

    CSA is a wonderful place.

    Life is good

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    Jamaica isn't for everyone. Go. Enjoy. Fall in love. Rinse. Repeat.

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    Every place has it's times when it can make improvements . That can be for alot of reasons . But if people don't say anything management won't know that the guests are unhappy and make the needed improvements . TA is there for people to give honest feed back about any place they have been . Like usmc7236 says "No place be can perfect for everyone because we're all different . " but we all have a right to give our opinion . Same as on this board . Lets be honest no place is perfect and can have bad days , also people can have bad days that are working there . So go enjoy your vacations and have a good outlook when you start out and hope for the best .

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    Hi all,
    Just wanted to reassure all the worriers. We are at CSA right now and it is a wonderful as ever. There have been some small changes like maybe you will not get the absolute top shelf liquor but the drinks are still awesome. Your cute little towel arrangements on the beds don't have flowers on them but I would rather see the flowers in the garden that are still beautiful. The beach is still fabulous, food is very good, staff is wonderful as always. And if we can afford it now that we are both going to be retired we will be back for our 8th time next year.
    On a side note I have met many people here this time that were former fans of that other Adults only all inclusive who are switching to Couples because the S places is now charging extra for some of the all inclusive feature they use to have. Know that I am glad couples is making small insignificant changes in stead of increasing prices and charging for some of the regular inclusive things.
    Couples Swept Away still rocks our boat Soon come sorry we are already half way thru our week in paradise

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    dmrigle, just got back, I'm now in that faze of sorting through all of the imput, the sounds, the visual, the smells, the conversations. It's time spent that is really unlike almost everything else. I think the Red Stripe keeps things from being overloaded. It's a time that a couple really has a chance to see what they saw, sometimes a long time ago. You are with the person you fell in love with, and Couples gives you time and place to see that all over again. The years work can be really hard, and alot of things get overlooked. Take time every morning to order the room delivery of coffee, fruit, and try the banana bread. Just sit, look, and find that place that Couples allows you to find. I gotta wait an entire year now!!! I wish all my problems where like that one!!!!

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    Don't be afraid, you're gonna love it.

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