Arrival: We opted to get the MoBay pass (arrival and departure) since we were getting in around 1pm on a Sat (3/16). And leaving on a Sat (3/23). We got off the plane and headed down. Once we got to the bottom of the ramp our rep was standing there holding a paddle with our names on it. The line was already starting to go up the ramp. She politely weaved us in and out of the line to get to the MoBay VIP line. There was no one there. So while the guy was processing our paperwork, I asked her if we had gotten into that line, how long would it have taken. She said at least 1 ½ hours if not closer to 2. Wow. She then walked us to baggage claim and asked around to find our luggage. Once she found the area, I looked through and found our 2 bags which were already sitting out. We grabbed our bags and she took us to customs. We were the only ones in the VIP line. There were about 20 people in the regular line. She then took us to the Couples lounge so we could check in and get our luggage tagged. From walking off the plane to sitting in the lounge….. 10 minutes. We decided to hang out in the MoBay lounge instead as it was less crowded. Their lounge is very nice with cool towels, drinks and a nice bathroom to change in. We did pop over to the Couples lounge for another drink and to sit for a minute right before we left. Our shuttle left about 20 minutes after we had settled in. So we were on our way to CSS around 1:40pm. :-D

Departure: Our flight was at 12:40pm. We got to the airport around 10:15am. We went to our airline area to check in first. The self-check in kiosk area was a bit crowded so we went directly to the airline counter instead. There was only one couple ahead of us and we got checked in pretty quick. We then walked towards security. The line was all the way to the entrance doors by the airline check ins. Figured out that the MoBay VIP line was on the left and got in line. Only about 5 people ahead of us. Passport check and security went fine and quick. We were then directed to the MoBay departure lounge. The lounge is really nice. Air conditioning, snack foods (small sandwiches, muffins, cookies, pastries, etc) and drinks. Nice restrooms and open area to sit in. A nice monitor to check your flight status. We hung out there for a bit. About 30 minutes before our flight was going to board, we left and walked around the airport.

So all in all, we saved probably close to 3 hours. I was pleased with the service and they are very efficient. We will definitely be using it again as we normally travel from Sat to Sat. Well worth the money IMO.