We're getting close; less than two weeks left for us! Some of you have already done the single digit dance!

Ed and Holly 2-9
Jim & Diane 11-18
Frank and Susan 12-26
Larry and Cheryl 13-19
Jeff and Mary 17-27
Adolph & Sue 18-25
Bob and Tracy 18-25
Chuck and Vicky 18-25
Marnie & Dave 18-25
Mike and Kathy 18-25
Scott & Beth 18-25
Chris and Sue 19-29
Bill and Mary 19-29
Mike and Annette 19-29?
Keith and Ginger 20-27
Yvonne & Harry 20-4 feb
Jerry and ? January 21-31
Dave and Mary 21-31
Barry and Jackie 21-31

I've heard that these couples will be there too, but we haven't seen them post, so we don't have exact dates:
Carlo and Sharla
Solomon and Bridget

Let me know if you want to be added!