I am training for a marathon and need to do a 10 mile run while on vacation. Hubby will probably do 3 or 4 miles of the 10 with me. Thinking about hiring a driver to take us someplace safe to run on either 02/17 or 02/18 and then for a cool swim following the run. The idea would be the driver would get us to a safe and scenic local, drop us off and then drive up the road 2.5 miles and wait for us. We stop at that point, hydrate (with fluids we bring with) and continue on another 2.5 miles and so on.........until we have finished.

After the run, thinking a swim in a spring or the ocean and then lunch at a jerk stand.

Wanting to leave the resort around 6 am and get back by 1 pm.

I have reached out to a local tour guide (Barrett) to see if she can accomodate and what cost will be.

Let me know if you are interested. The more the merrier, safer and cheaper.