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    Default Advice on private dinner on the beach or other location at CSS

    My wife and I will be at CSS the first part of June. She is crazy to have a romantic dinner with candlelight, etc on the beach. Is the beach the best place? Somone said do it at the wedding cover area. How can I reserve that ahead of time? Thanks

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    Some prefer the wedding gazebo because it's more private - personally I like the beach better. We're doing it again this time. To set it up before hand - just email the Romance Concierge. They can take care of the whole thing!

    To get to the Romance Concierge - At the very bottom of the web page look for "Contact Us" then look for Romance Concierge - easy as can be!
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    The Wedding Gazebo. Go to the "Contacts" page and send a message to the Romance Concierge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry and Maria View Post
    My wife and I will be at CSS the first part of June. She is crazy to have a romantic dinner with candlelight, etc on the beach. Is the beach the best place? Somone said do it at the wedding cover area. How can I reserve that ahead of time? Thanks
    We've been to CSS 2x - will be back this September - and will absolutely have another private dinner. We did it on the balcony of our room. They even lit up candles on the railing. We didn't want people walking by on the beach or other areas. It was so nice - and we didn't have to go anywhere to enjoy it. That being said - I'm sure it's great on the beach, or on a gazebo too. Enjoy!

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    We had it in the wedding gazebo overlooking the sea. Very private and romantic. I would highly recommend it!

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    We just got back from our weddingmoon last week. We had our private dinner booked for the beach, because that is where we got married. once we got there, we realized the beach was a little too close to pallazina and bella vista, so we moved ours to the wedding gazebo. SO glad we did. the private dinner on the beach would have been nice, because it was exactly where we got married, but it would've been a "separate dinner" instead of a "private dinner" because of the proximity to the restaurants. The wedding gazebo is tucked into the cliffside, with waves crashing below you. the entire 2.5 hours we were there, we saw MAYBE 3 couples walking past the pathway, but even then they didn't walk right by the gazebo because it is set off the main path. also from the gazebo, you can still see the main beach, so we were able to see the lights of the beach party, without being distracted by all the other guests. Even with it being dark and kinda cloudy, you could still see the waves coming in from far off in the distance, watching them crest, and then listen to them crash against the rocks below us. Beautiful.

    As far as reserving it ahead of time, I know in our email updates from Couples, they always listed a few extras/excursions at the bottom, so check your latest payment confirmation email, or call couples direct to see if you can book it ahead.

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    We've never done the candlelight dinner on the beach at CSS (because the Bella Vista is right on the beach) but have enjoyed a romantic dinner at the wedding gazebo. It's more private and romantic in our opinion. You can make reservations for the candlelight dinner by contacting the resort by e-mail or phone and telling them when you'll be there and that you want this service. The other option is to wait till you get there, though that runs the risk of not being able to have the dinner on the night or location you want. They'll send you menus to select your dining options and have it all set so you can enjoy have a romantic dinner with your wife.

    Have fun!!!

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    my wife and i did the private dinner in the wedding gazebo and it was amazing. your feet aren't in sand, but you are right over the water and can hear it below you. the location is secluded to the point where you don't see any other couples and even other couples that would be passing through aren't near you. i would recommend this to anyone and would do it again myself for sure.

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    On the advice of some CSS veterans we have booked our private dinner for the wedding gazebo. We figure if it rains it will provide shelter, it's private and we won't have to worry about any sand fleas. We also figure that we can eat on the beach at the Bella Vista one night as well. I would suggest the gazebo, and if your wife is like me she will just appreciate your planning this for her!

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    I'm with Katie3876 on this one.

    I had booked the private dinner for our anniversary at the wedding gazebo as I thought it would be more private than doing it on the beach. Alas, the weather didn't co operate and it was raining that night. The kitchen manager gave us the option to re book or have the dinner in our room. Since it was our anniversary, I reluctantly agreed to have it on the balcony in our room. I was so looking forward to just the two of us having our special night at the gazebo, but considering the weather, I relented and agreed.
    It was the best thing!!!!! Our waiter showed up and set up on the balcony while we waited inside. I have to say it was amazing. He had set up the table with flowers and candles, white linens, wine, etc. Here we were sitting on our own balcony, totally private, mother nature providing us with her light show, rain falling on the roof, looking out over the ocean, and total privacy... not to mention that the WC is only a few steps away. It had to be THE most romantic dinner we have ever had. Nobody walking by, not far from the john... our own private paradise.
    This October when we go, the private dinner will again be on our balcony. No gazebo, no beach. To me it's the only way to go.

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