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Thread: Jet Skis at CN?

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    Default Jet Skis at CN?

    Going to CN in June. Is there anywhere to rent jet skis at or near the resort?

    Same question-parasailing?

    93 days til we get home. sigh.

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    forget I said anything.
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    We have done both the parasailing and the jetskis at CN. Make sure that you decide on a firm price before you get going. And just a reference to Bert's comment.....rather than "ignoring" the vendors, it is much more courteous to just say "No Thank you". All is good.

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    ......noted. LOL!!!

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    I have rented the jet skis off of CN. There were 3 or 4 guys riding them back and forth all day. I paid about $25.00 for a half hour. That was after talking them down some.
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    never mind.
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    thanks guys! very helpful information.

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    $25 for 1/2 hour...we paid $50 for 1/2 hour.
    We also did the parasailing, watched people all day long, decided we would go, had a fantastic ride.

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    I really only had $25 with me. He kept wanting more, but I said take it or leave it. He took it.
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    We are looking to go parasailing this year, what would be a good price for a tandem?

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    Always paid 25 for half hour.

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