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    Default CTI Private Dinner - Beach vs. Island?

    Hubby and I will be arriving at CTI for our first visit on May 6th. We're interested in the private dinner but can't decide whether to reserve on the beach or the island. Any advice for us newbies?? Thanks!!!

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    We've done both, more than once. We LOVED them both, but the island is worth the additional cost. More tranquil, and more romantic, IMO.

    Unless it's the week we are there, in which case we recommend you do yours on the beach.

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    We did the island dinner at Christmas and it was fantastic! We did see someone doing a dinner on the beach. I think the island dinner would be a little more private and quieter. They had the beach table set up right under the bar by Patio. The nightly entertainment can be kind of loud. We were the only ones on the island other than our chef and waiter and it was so romantic!

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    We had a wonderful surf and turf anniversary dinner on the island last June. The beach dinners look romantic but nothing can beat the island!!

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    Thanks for the advice! We will reserve our private dinner on the island... Can't wait!!!

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    We did the Island and would totally recommend it. An experience we would never forget!

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    My husband and I just returned from CTI March 29th. We did the Island dinner on March 27th after renewing our vows and it was absolutely beautiful, would highly recommend it.

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    reposting a question i asked on another thread-- hoping for some insight

    I'd love to spend resort credit on a private dinner on the island (CTI) this year. How far in advance do I need to reserve it? I know they only do up to 3 dinners on the island per night. If you reserve in advance, do you have to pay ahead of time, and perhaps not be able to use the resort credit?

    Has anyone waited until they were there to book the island dinner? I'm also going to be kind of picky about which night we do it (don't want to miss repeaters dinner, etc)...

    Thanks in advance!

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    aphilly ~ Just call the 800# and ask to speak with the concierge department. You can make arrangements from there for you dinner and then pay for it at the resort, that way you can get the night you want and use your credits.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I did book a dinner for May and you can pay in advance or charge it later, you just need to specify what you want to do. I would assume you can use resort credits but as I don’t have any, so I didn’t ask. One thing that EVERYONE is missing here… just because you book the “Private Island” (for $240 BTW) it doesn’t mean you WILL have the island to yourself. True they try to stagger the times and ensure that you are on different parts of the island and do assure you that you won’t see other couples BUT if you have this dream of getting up, strolling around and have the island to yourself, you may be disappointed. You might be lucky and be the only ones who book that night BUT no guarantees. I only know this as I had to ask twice as the huge appeal of us was, our own private island. It went downhill and now we are thinking about downgrading to the beach dinner instead ($170) and save $70…

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    Thank you both! I definitely don't mind if we share the island with other couples as long as we have our own little dining spot The dinner on the beach didn't really appeal to me last time we were there-- you're not THAT far away from the rest of the resort. Still special, but I'd rather pay extra for a little night trip to the island!

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    We did both. The island is the most beautiful spot. You will always remember it. Sit facing the hotel and it is magical as you see the lights from the hotel and down along each side of the hotel. Worth every penny!

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