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    Default First time to CSA - October 9-16, 2013

    I am SUPER EXCITED, we are coming to CSA for the first time Oct 9-16th! We are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Oct. 12th. This will be my husband's first trip to JA. Since, I found out about this forum, I have been reading so...many posts and was TOTALLY confused as to which Negril property to choose! I chose Negril, because of the 7 mile beach. I LOVE the beach! I actually had decided on CN & then I continued to read the posts and noticed this thing called "Banana Stuffed French Toast". Well, I love all things banana and realized it's exclusive to CSA, so that sealed the deal! Lastly, I did initially book for Oct. 23-30, but then, realized that the CSA anniversary party was on the 11th, so I changed my reservation, which worked better for our anniversary date. Lastly, I just booked our anniversary dinner at Ivan's restaurant for the "100 candle dinner". I am definitely looking forward to our trip!!! I couldn't wait to post and share my story with you all!

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    I think you made a very wise choice. CSA is amazing. My husband and I got married there last June and it is truly paradise on earth. The beach is amazing. Our favorite thing was lying on the floaties in the ocean. We actually just returned from Jamaica Friday, but unfortunately we went to a non-Couples resort for a family wedding. All we did was compare the resort to CSA, and there was truly no comparison. We were on the other side of the island near Ocho Rios and the water and beach front are not even half as good as the 7 mile beach at CSA. Also, there was no lying on a floatie in the ocean, as it was too rough and there was barely any swimming area roped off. Also the banana french toast is amazing as well. Have a great time and I am jealous. I can't wait until we can return there again. Maybe next year....

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    Congrats! Wise choice, trip #5 to csa in 16 sleeps

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    We will be there 10/6-10/13 maybe we will see you there!! This is our first trip to Jamaica and to CSA we are very excited!! I love bananas too and that was definitely a plus when choosing CN or CSA for me too!

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    Congrats to you and your hubby and great choices all the way around! That's about the time of year we usually get over there as well so unless there's a tropical storm in the neighborhood, expect a bathwater-calm ocean.
    Along with the banana-stuffed french toast, you'll have to try the Dirty Bananas as well.
    Ivan's at Catcha is fantastic and the 100 candle dinner is a memorable one for sure.
    Enjoy your trip!

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone!!! I am also a TA, so I research everything and their are other properties in Mobay with the glitz and glitter, but I really want to experience (as much as possible) the Jamaican feel and the love of the people. That's what really lead me to this resort chain. Wedge, Dirty Bananas are definitely on the list! Jennifer, I hope to meet you while we're there and share our newbie excitement together

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    We are going 4/12-21 but will overlap your time in October as well...arriving the 12th I think. The french toast is awesome...I do it sans bananas, though. The fesival is my favorite! You're going to LOVE CSA!!

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    Suzi, we had initially booked 10/23-30, but changed our dates when I noticed that CSA anniversary celebration in on the 11th.

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    We will be at CSA Oct 12-19th and our 11th anniversary is Oct 12th. That's so funny! Maybe we will run into you there sometime!

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    We will be there Oct 19 - 29th celebrating our 35th anniversary. This is our first trip to CSA.

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    We just returned from our first time to CSA and absolutely loved it! You will not be disappointed! You'll come back hooked just like we did!
    I just posted our review, so look for it in the next day or two

    Enjoy your trip!

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    What room category did you choose? If it was the Atrium Suite, Beachfront Suite, or Premier Beachfront Suite (our favorite) you will be surprised to know there is no glass in the windows! You have screens to keep out any bugs and tall wooden shutters all around for airflow or privacy but all the nightime sounds of Jamaica come into your room. Those peeping tree frogs and the rolling surf will lull you to sleep. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... There are also no TVs in these rooms so no listening to your neighbors choice of shows. Who goes to paradise to watch TV anyway??? Yes, there is AC in every room if you need it. Enjoy.

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