I am SUPER EXCITED, we are coming to CSA for the first time Oct 9-16th! We are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Oct. 12th. This will be my husband's first trip to JA. Since, I found out about this forum, I have been reading so...many posts and was TOTALLY confused as to which Negril property to choose! I chose Negril, because of the 7 mile beach. I LOVE the beach! I actually had decided on CN & then I continued to read the posts and noticed this thing called "Banana Stuffed French Toast". Well, I love all things banana and realized it's exclusive to CSA, so that sealed the deal! Lastly, I did initially book for Oct. 23-30, but then, realized that the CSA anniversary party was on the 11th, so I changed my reservation, which worked better for our anniversary date. Lastly, I just booked our anniversary dinner at Ivan's restaurant for the "100 candle dinner". I am definitely looking forward to our trip!!! I couldn't wait to post and share my story with you all!