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    Where is the best place to pick up some Blue Mountain Coffee to bring home? We'll be staying at CN in August and we'd love to bring some back with us. I remember seeing it at the airport last time we were there, but I wasn't sure if there was a cheaper or better place to go. Thanks!

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    Couples also carries it in the gift shop. I will be using some of my resort credit for those lovely beans.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    I'd say the airport is probably the better place. We made the mistake of buying a half pound at the gift shop (sorry Couples) only to see that we could have gotten a pound at the airport at a way better price. From memory, it ended up being around $35 at the gift shop, compared to $27 at the airport.

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    We stay at CSA and have bought coffee through Elvis. However, the last time we did this, we found that the coffee in the airport was less expensive by a couple $'s. Now, we just pick it up at the airport on our way home.

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    Airport is cheapest for the best "Jablum" brand. Resort is a little high and if you buy in town, it's cheaper but often not the best quality.

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    The gift shop's coffee is great (their brand) and the airport is always good for either Jablum or Wallenford, and cheaper than at the gift shop but they both taste wonderful. All I can say is DON'T BUY COFFEE FROM THE LITTLE MARKET ACROSS THE ROAD FROM CN! There are stalls selling souvenirs and coffee and beware, the ladies are quite aggressive in trying to get you to come into their particular stalls. The first year we were at CN we took the walking tour over to the market and I bought 4 lbs. of "blue mountain" beans. I should have checked the beans before we left because when I got home and opened the first bag (which wasn't vacuum packed) I found nothing but shells and dirt and some tiny little remnants of beans. I tried to make some coffee but it was totally undrinkable, so I spent over half an hour sorting through and removing all the chaff and tried again....same thing, totally undrinkable.

    So in the end I had to throw out all of it. Thank goodness I had bought 6 lbs. at the gift shop! It is SO yummy...I'm addicted! lol

    I haven't gone into town to buy beans but I have bought some at the airport and it was good too, of course. Also, I was told not to buy coffee from the beach vendors by someone at the resort.

    We're heading back to do a CTI/CSS split next week and of course will be stocking up on REAL 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans to tide us over until our next trip in Dec./2013 and a CSA/CN split again.

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    If I remember correctly, the airport was the best priced.

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    We were able to buy some during the auctions they do at CN with the funny money. We ended up picking up more at the airport as it was cheaper there. We make some every few weeks to tide us over until our trip in July.

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    We go to CSA and while we aren't coffee drinkers, we bring it back for friends and family. It's the MOST expensive at the resort, a little less at the airport, and less even still at the little shops up the beach off property. Last time we were there, a man was selling it ON the beach. Before we had a chance to ask Elvis or another local friend if it was really Blue Mountain, Hurricane Sandy visited and we didn't see the man again. Will def ask Elvis in a few weeks when we go back....he's been my fiance's friend for many years and will prob be a witness for our wedding on 4/20,

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    Great info and advice, thanks!!
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    My wife and I were at CTI February. She loves the Blue Mountain coffee, but the price at the resort gift shop was more than we wanted to pay. Just a few blocks from the gates of the resort was a local grocery store. Well within walking distance of the resort, so one morning we took a walk. There we were able to purchase Blue Mountain Coffee for $25 USD per pound.

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