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    When my fiance and clicked book reservations, it just took us to a white screen with words on it, nothing about succeeded or anything. It really has us worried. SHouldn't we have a reservation number or something? Did something go wrong? I checked my bank account and only three hundred and something was taken out from the hotel but none from the airlines, maybe it takes them a couple days to register it? Please if anyone has had this problem or is this is what happened to you, let me know. Thank you!

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    It can all take a few days to go through. I wouldn't worry - but if you are concerned, you can call the 800-COUPLES number and they can confirm everything for you over the phone!
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    Thank God I did call. Our reservations did not go through. They gave us back the money they took out and we remade the reservations over the phone. I can't imagine what would have happened had I not called. We'd be going to leave after the wedding and not have anywhere to go! Lol, would've been awful.

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