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    thing that I was annoyed about at CN...was the shampoo and body wash dispensers in the shower. You have to push the pump LITERALLY 50 times to get any usable amount. Don't get me wrong, I loved the smell and the fact that they were provided in the first place but I hated having to push the thing so many darn times. Such a First World problem to have, I know. Everything else was spectacular and it is absolutely not going to keep me away! Can't wait to go back!
    CN Feb 2013

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    WOW..... just WOW ..!!

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    Dagum soap dispeners....

    Life is good

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    that's a real dealbreaker, lmao.

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    LOL.... it's funny you posted that. I found the same thing at CSS. We just got back on Saturday. I always bring a shower poof and it took me forever to get enough soap on it. And it's bolted into the wall so the angle wasn't easy either.

    But I survived. Sigh.... it's snowing here at home now. Wish I was back there already.

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