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    Default Question on transfer from couples to airport

    Flights for us from Phila PA to Couples Barbados and back are limited. There is a flight on American that would leave Barbados at 8:05 AM to return to the states. I don't know how far away the airport is from CBD, but would we be able to get a transfer that early to make that flight? We need to know these details before we can book our trip to CBD. Appreciate any information. We want to take advantage of either the special for this year with the $1000 off or the Early booking for 2014. We've been to CSS, CN & CTI several times and are spoiled with the non stop flights to Jamaica.

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    Grantley Adams International Airport is only 10 km (15 minutes) from Couples Barbados. You can check it out on Google Maps. I would imagine that they will get you there in plenty of time - just based on staying in Jamaica they have always had a shuttle for us regardless of what crazy early or late flight time we've had.
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    We've been to Barbados a couple of times. The airport is no more than a 15 minute ride from the new Couples resort. I would assume that they will provide the transfer even at that early hour. But if for some strange reason they did not, the cab fare would not be very much money.

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    Dido Spoiled We are Pa residents also and love direct out of Phil. to Jamaica. Is American the only airline that flies out of Phil to Barbados. How about Atlantic City or Baltimore

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