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    Default Closed during "low season" in Negril?

    We are going to CSA in September for my husband's 40th. I have read that this time of year is considered the "low season" and many places are closed in Negril during this time. How true is this? I personally wouldn't mind having less of a crowd but would hate for Negril not to be up and running fully. Thanks for the help!

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    There isn't anything in Negril that would close because of a lack of tourists. It's not that kind of town. Tourists go to the resorts and most rarely leave them until it's time to go home. Everything in CSA will be "up and running fully."
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    We are often in Negril over Labor Day and have not noticed "many places" closed. Actually, none of the places we enjoy visiting were closed.

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    We've always gone in August and never had an issues...dunno

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