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    Default ONLY the Couples Resorts offers this opportunity......Hugs

    Only at The Couples Resorts can you meet hundreds of strangers and turn them into true life hugging friends..

    The Couples message board is the travel industry's best advertisement.

    I have been going back this morning and looking at photos of everything related to The Couples resorts...I have seen so many(hundreds)people that were strangers prior to visiting a Couples Resort and now WE ARE FRIENDS..Some we are in contact with daily,others weekly,others monthly and others yearly...Some are in other countries too.

    We have been honored to have hosted several Couples Resorts PAR TAs only being attended by the guests of the Couples Resorts...We have also attended several out of state Couples PAR TAs.

    I think we can honestly say we have met,and still keep in touch with,hundreds of former strangers that we met thru or at Couples.

    It's your choice..The Couples Resort was where we had our lives changed forever and we THANK Couples Resorts.

    Now we are headed back to CN next month and we plan on seeing many friends there and we are planning on making even more friends.

    GO.RELAX..ENJOY Couples Resorts...Where strangers meet and become true life long hugging friends.

    AND Have a Salty dog for me...Ruff Ruff

    Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy of 10 0 C
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    Hi Tommy!! Thanks to this message board I started communicating with you back over 4 years ago. Then Bill and I met you and Peggy in person at CTI! We have been communicating ever since at least a few times a week via texting & e-mailing. So glad we met you, Peggy and many others. Lots of thank you's to Couples for their wonderful resorts that bring strangers and friends together for great vacations!
    BIG Hugs,
    Lori & Bill

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    Name:  Big Hug7.gif
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Size:  12.5 KBHi Rum Girl...4 years??...That's way to long..Maybe we can visit a Couples resort together soon.
    We are looking forward to seeing many friends at CN and CSA in 3 weeks...And we met everyone of them thru Couples.
    The guests of the Couples resorts are wionderful people.
    Give Bill a hug for us.
    And have a Salty dog for me..Ruff Ruff
    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

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