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Thread: Dive trip days?

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    Default Dive trip days?

    So at CTI, does the dive boat go out daily, if there's enough people?
    Or is it only certain days (and not listed on the activity listing?)

    What days is the catamaran cruise?


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    Dives are twice a day everyday except for Saturday which is one trip with a two tank dive. I don't remember the days of the catamaran.
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    Ditto to above - dive boat goes out every day, twice a day, except only one long dive on Saturdays.

    I believe the cat cruise is four days a week. The schedule has changed over the past year when they change operators so I'm not 100% sure.
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    Cool thanks!

    Somehow I completely missed Coloradojulis' reply, when it came out!

    CTI in 54 days!

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