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    I'm sure most of us have enjoyed the spa at CSA. Besides the normal massage and nail service, has anyone tried anything else that was really nice? I noticed last time that they had a room with two large basin tubs next to each other. I was curious what that was for. We plan on using the spa a little more this next trip and I want to try something new.
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    The hot stone massage is amazing! Facials are good as well. Get a spa menu or look at it online, I'm sure there's an explanation for the 2 large tubs; probably NOT a jello bath I love the spa and am there about 4 times every time we go to CSA!

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    The scrubs are fantastic! I've done both the almond and coffee ones. Facials are good too - I do these on the last day to get rid of all the dead skin and lotion that's built up over the week.
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    Facial, waxing for first time, hand treatment.

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    I agree with Suzi - the hot stone massage is just the best! And I've had a peppermint (or some kind of mint) scrub as well, which was refreshing and very nice (I did mine on my first morning at the resort, as I didn't want to worry about peppermint on a sun burn - ouch!!)

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