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    Default 2014 CSS Renovations??

    Read in a TA forum that there are renovations planned beginning in February of 2014. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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    Nothing planned as of right now.

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    New inground hot tub for Sunset Beach please!! Probably one of the most requested item on comment cards & MB for many years!!! Hot tub at SSB seems to be an afterthought vs hot tubs in any other areas or at any of the couples resorts for that matter. C'mon Couples!


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    I read on a different forum (different posts by different people) that significant renovations to CSS's Sunset Beach are planned & to be possibly completed by the fall. Now, I have no idea where their info came from, but it sounded pretty detailed.

    Personally, if this is true, I hope this does not attract a lot more people to CSS. For me, one of the great things about CSS is that Sunset Beach area (or anywhere on the resort, actually) is hardly every crowded & is usually pretty peaceful (at least in August ). I think these changes would probably attract "groups" (ugh) that we have encountered at another resort (now closed). Anyway, renovations anywhere at CSS would be fantastic, but I just hope that anything done at some point will preserve the same peaceful nature at the resort.

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    Thanks Randy. Time to start planning next visit then!!

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    We're back at CSS in September, 2014. Can't wait!!!! This will be our third trip to CSS and I could stay there indefinitely!!!!!!!
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    Renovations is a recurring question and causes uncertainty.
    Suggest the moderator introduces a planned renovations and maintenance thread and fills in details of planned work minor and major planned to be carried out in the next 12 months. This will stop all the rumour and constant questions raising uncertainty.
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    Does anyone know how many beachfront rooms have been renovated when we were there in April they had finished and showed everyone this room after the Galla it was very nice.

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    From what I am being told rooms wont be started till next year.
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    According to Sunquest vacations, deluxe ocean rooms are only available until January 1st 2015 to be booked.

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