Hi all! My wife and I married on 12/29/2012 and because it was a destination wedding (Montana ski resort) and because we wanted to get financially stable first, we put off the honeymoon for a year. After a LOT of research into Caribbean locations, we narrowed it down to Jamaica, then Couples, then CSA, then finally the Atrium suites. This will be my first trip out of the US and my wife's second (she went to Mexico about 10 years ago). We are very, VERY excited! 12/13-23/2013 - should be 10 great days and nights!

I've spent some time reading this board and have gathered a few tidbits about things to bring, what to do, acceptable conduct, etc, but I did have a couple other questions that I can't really seem to find answers on.

1. The Atrium suites now have a minibar, correct? If so, is it stocked with any beer/wine/rum on the first night, or do you have to request it?

2. We really want a second floor Atrium room. How do they allocate who gets what room? Repeaters get priority, whoever gets there first gets first choice, length of stay, etc?

3. Anyone have any earthly idea of our odds at getting a second floor room for that ten day stretch? Or is it just kinda a crap shoot?

4. I have looked at the rooms on the website, but I gave seen some people talk about the "front" door on these suites. Obviously, there must be a main door on the second floor, but I didn't see it in the online photos. Also, where is the staircase for these rooms? Petty I know, but I am one of those people that likes to know what to expect. Can someone describe the general layout of the atriums, or share some photos?

Thank you all for the knowledge you've shared already, and in advance for the responses! We hope to meet some of you all down there. Also, anyone else on Delta flight 435 from ATL to MBJ on December 13th?