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    Default Couple of questions on San Souci

    Hi everyone

    We're headed to CSS in 29 days for our honeymoon! Just a couple of questions and I apologize if they've been asked before.

    I know for Palazzina and Casanova that dress is required (and we have no issues) however after dinner are we able to traansition back into shorts or whatever for the nightly entertainment or should we plan on staying dressed all evening? For the beach party casual dress is ok right and for the gala its back to the dress code right?

    Also during the day while at the beach is it possible to get lunch with just swin trunks/cover ups on? I know the beach grill doesn't have a formal dress code but we're curious if we'll need to go back to the room to get dressed into regular clothing?

    Also my fiance wants to go to dolphin cove anyone know the approximate cost on this?

    Finally we have a $300 resort credit how do we spend this? HAHA We're used to cruises and with everything included it seems hard to spend $300...

    Thank you everyone

    John & Erica

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    Hi John and Erica! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You will have a great honeymoon at Couples!

    Yes, you can change after dinner for the nightly entertainment, no worries. Beach party is casual. I don't think there is a dress code for the starlight gala, especially since it is the only dining option that evening, but some people do get dressed up. Cover ups are ok for lunch, no worries there either.

    The credit - we usually use ours for the spa to get a massage or any of their services, we use it in the gift shop for souvenirs, and we have bought a photo package before as well. There are lots of ways to spend it! Enjoy!

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    JJMSBU09 - Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon!! You have picked one of the most romantic resorts around to celebrate it all! I'll add a bit on to what has already been answered. For lunch, you can go right to the Beach Grill with your swim wear/cover ups on, and when finished, go right back out to the beach. The tables at the Beach Grill are right at the water's edge, a wonderful location to have lunch. The same attire is acceptable for lunch at Palazzina, as well (men with shorts and shirt, women with cover ups over bathing suit). If you happen to be going over to Sunset Beach for the day, they have a lunch set up over there as well, so you don't even have to worry about getting dressed at all! LOL

    You could e-mail the resort and ask guest services to send you the price for the Dolphin Cove excursion (sorry, we've never done it, so can't help you on that one).

    We are headed to CSS for our 8th trip on April 6th, and cannot wait to get there. No matter where else we go, Sans Souci is, and always be, our "home away from home". This place has literally stolen our hearts.

    If you'd like, we can send you lots of information about CSS, and some pictures, as well, if you send us an e-mail to

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    Hi J&E,

    Congrats on your wedding, we just got married at CSS on the 9th, and LOVED it!! Breakfast at Pallazina is dry swimwear with coverups. Lunch at Pallazina is the same. Lunch/snacks at Beach Grill is no dress code (I went and ordered food in a wet swimsuit to take back to the pool). Lunch/snacks at the sunset bar is the same, aka no dress code (but please wrap a towel around you when you are near the food area). Dinner at Pallazina is resort casual, shorts, sandals/flipflops, polo/button down/nice t-shirt for men, same for women or a simple sundress. Dinner at Beach party on Tuesday is the same. Dinner at Cassanova is Resort Chic. Dress pants (no jeans or shorts), button down shirt (no t-shirts), dress shoes or close toed sandals (no sneakers or flip flops). Women are in dresses. Friday night Starlight Gala is the same dress code as Cassanova.

    I am not sure how much Dolphin Cove cost, but I do know it can be quite spendy, depending on what activities you want to do with the dolphins. (like up to a few hundred dollars per person).

    I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend a private dinner in the wedding gazebo, and a Couples Massage or other Spa services. Since it is your honeymoon, you can get a free 25 minute couples massage, and use the credits to upgrade to a 50 minute massage, or add in aromatherapy or other things like that. Also make sure you request to have it in the hideaway. there is nothing like having a massage and private dinner listening to the waves crash against the rocks below you. the credits can also be used for upgraded liqour in your room, picture packages (they took pictures of us at almost every evening meal, and at our private dinner). Also, anything at the gift shop, and Cigars at the Jewel Box can be charged to the room (which then uses resort credits I believe, someone correct me if I am wrong though). Also, extra scuba diving, or night dives/snorkels, and PADI certification can use resort credits also.

    You know what, after typing all this out... It is sounding too complicated. So I tell you what, I will go ahead, and go on your trip for you, so you don't have to stress about how to use your resort credits. You enjoy the relaxing sounds of (insert place of residence here) and I will go deal with making sure all your resort credits get used properly.


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    Thank you We can't wait!

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    Hi John & Erica,

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding and choice to enjoy your honeymoon at CSS.

    After dinner on any evening you can change into whatever you please. We frequently change into swim shorts and hit the jacuzzi by the mineral pool to listen to the entertainment at the Balloon Bar terrace. There's also some hammocks just above that where we'll also cuddle and listen to the music and tree frogs.

    During the day it is not necessary to change clothes when leaving the beach. You can eat lunch at the beach grill or Palazzina in swim suit and cover-up. Actually beach attire is pretty much the norm around the entire resort.

    You can spend the resort credits on things like the spa and gift shop. Everything extra is charged to the room and then taken off the bill at the end.

    Have an awesome time at the most romantic Couples Resort!

    Bart & Bug

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    Hi John & Erica,

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding I agree with Bart and Bug statement that CSS is the most romantic Couples Resort!

    There are miles of trails, lots of pools and hot tubs to seek out and use. Learn to Sail, get a massage, dance every night, or when you go back to your room call room service and order a cheese platter and a bottle of champagne, do what ever you want. And of what I just mentioned, only the get a massage will cost anything, and your credits will cover it .

    The meals are wonderful, and the staff is great.

    My bride of almost 39 year and I love having dinner at Casanova, the food, the service, and the live piano music it a joy to behold. For those dinners we like to get dressed up, and then after dinner , we dance and enjoy the activities of show time and the balloon bar.

    There are two nights a week , where dinners is served on the beach or the lawn, those dinner shows are great, and they are followed with a fabulous dance party pool side, where some times we danced on the tables in the pool and laughed like the little kids we all want to be again.

    You are so very smart for choosing any of the Couples resorts. My better half and I wish you a life time of happiness.

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    Thank you to everyone for the advice and warm wishes we cant wait!

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