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    Hi, so excited about our upcoming trip to CN April 19-26. This is our first trip to Jamaica and are just wondering if there is
    Typically much rain during this time? We hope not as we are big sun seekers! Could all you repeaters that travel during the last two weeks of April give us a description of the weather from past years although we know it may have no reflection on April 2013. Thanks!

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    I don't know if this will help but should give you general idea .
    climate Travel Planner - Kingston Jamaica - WeatherOnline

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    We've been to Jamaica a number of times during that timeframe. The Negril side of the island gets less rain than the Ocho Rios side. When it does rain it's usually a short burst, lasting under 30 minutes, before the sun pops out and it's back to fun in the sun. Oh by the way...the weather is usually in the upper 80's so a little rain actually feels good. Here's a link to where you can see the projection of weather: Negril April Weather 2013 - AccuWeather Forecast for Westmoreland Jamaica. Have fun!!!

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    Here are the monthly rain averages. We always travel in April and it's hit and miss. Seems we have better weather in Negril as opposed to Ocho Rios (the west is more protected from northerly storms) but that too could just be random. Lasy year at CSA it rained 3 late afternoons out of 11, but only for an hour at the most. Definitely not enough to ruin the week.

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    I believe "rainy season" officially starts in May. We have been twice in May, and it rained a lot of the days, but for short periods, like 10 minutes. No big deal.

    This year we are going in April, hoping it rains less, only because it makes the sand fleas come out and i get bit up like crazy. If it wasn't for that i wouldn't care about the rain, its a great excuse to get a drink at the bar

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    Thank you to all who replied . Only 14 more sleeps! Soooo excited!

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    We go each April. Most days are sunny but a few clouds and brief showers here and there in the afternoons. We did have a couple rainy days last year but they are the exception and not the rule. May actually begins the rainy season which peaks in the Fall. You can't plan or control the weather so don't stress over it. A rainy day in Jamaica is still better than a sunny day at work.

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