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    We are flying in on May 19th from Atlanta. Our plane is supposed to land at 1:59pm.

    I understand that club Mobay allows you to skip to the front of the immigration/customs line and then takes you to their lounge to wait for the bus.

    If we do club mobay are we waiting on the same bus as everyone else that is currently waiting in line? Are we all catching the same bus? Or does the buses come in at all diff times and leave once full?

    I just don't want to waste my money on club mobay if I'm going to be waiting in the lounge versus the line! I understand that I get refreshments and all in the lounge!

    Trying to get to CSA a
    ASAP! Haha!

    59 more days!

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    Hi! If you use the Club Mobay arrival service, they help expedite you through Immigration and Customs so you can get to the Couples Lounge as soon as possible. Once you arrive at the Couples Lounge, your luggage will be tagged, you can grab a Red Stripe or soda and then in less than 30 minutes you should be on your way to your resort. You do not have to wait for a shuttle to be full before it leaves; all those going to resorts in Negril will go on one shuttle and those going to resorts in Ocho Rios board a different shuttle. If you purchase the departure service, after you have checked in with your airline, the Club Mobay folks help you get through security, and then you can wait in their comfortable lounge, with free food and drinks, until your flight departs. Have a great trip!:-)
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    that depends upon several things, how many flights landed, how many agents are working.

    They are not going to drive (2) of you alone to Negril or Ocho if they know that there are 5 more couples on the same plane as you and they will be along shortly.

    Our last trip, we only waited at Immigration 10 minutes, it was tuesday and we were on the 11:40 USAirways. The immigration line was so quick that we had to wait forever for our bags, Customs only takes a few minutes and then a short walk to the Couples lounge where we waited about 20 minutes for more CSS and CTI travelers.

    If I was flying to/from Mobay on a Saturday or Sunday during Spring Break or June-August I would consider arrival/departure service but it would have been a waste of $$ for us on our last trip.

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    WE arrived on a thursday morning with West Jet. Our plane was suposed to land at 10:08 but was a bit late. The Immigration line was zero when we got off the plane and basically walked right through as soon as we got off the plane. We had to wait half an hour however for our luggage and then another half an hour for a staff member to arrive before we left on the shuttle. If I had bought the early arrival service I would have been really upset, as it was not needed. If you land in the afternoon however there is always long lines. Go onto the Montego Bay airport site, and see how many planes are landing when your plane lands and decide from there weather you think it will be worth it or not.

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    See my most post/review:

    Best money I EVER spent.
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