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    I had forgotten about going toSSB. Well, if I'm not on the island, they can do kite day anyway.

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    We saw there are several people arriving on the 26th as we are. We get there at 11:44 am. We are thinking about booking club mo bay for the arrival and departure. Anyone else? We can not wait!!!!!

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    NAME: Dana & Pete
    AGE: 44/48
    DATES OF TRAVEL: April 26 - May 3
    # OF TRIPS TO CTI: 0
    # OF TRIPS TO OTHER COUPLES RESORTS: 1 but 7th or 8th trip to Jamaica
    ROOM TYPE: Hmm - good question, Dana will have to answer that one but believe is an upgrade
    WHERE ARE YOU FROM: Arkansas
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO: Relaxation, beverages, friends from WI meeting up and making new friends, snorkeling, water
    WILL YOU GO A/N: Yes
    LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT (1-10): 10!!!!
    ABOUT US - Stay @ Home Mom and Business Professional

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    Name: John and Krista
    Age: 30 something
    Dates Travel: April 28th-May 4th
    # of Trips to cti: 0
    # of trips to the other Couples Resorts: 1 to cast away
    Room type: Ocean Superior
    Where are you from: Memphis, Tn
    What are you looking forward to: finding a group to go deep sea fishing with. It is our honeymoon so getting away from the states. Do I need to talk about the food. Wow. Couples is on the same parity with Sea Island, GA.
    Will You Go N/A: not sure what N/A means
    What drink are you looking forward to: Island Homemade Rum
    Level of excitement: 10
    About Us: We are both sales people and enjoy meeting new people. I am a Bond Broker.

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    Have not used Club Mobay before, but have debated doing the same. What are the advantages of doing for arrival?

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    We are flying out of LR on the 26th at 6am then to Atl. Dana and Pete are you on the same flight?

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    Have read many stories of loooong lines. Like one post said.........we paid a couple of $1,000 for the trip so what is a little more to skip all the lines and get to the resort that much faster. It looks like lots of flights arrive around the time we do on Saturday the 26th so what the heck we booked it for peace of mind.

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    Richie & Sylvia -- we enjoyed your company and the conversation at the end of your trip -- we absolutely love the rock and will spend much of our time out there on any future visits and hope we are there when you are.


    Aaron and Michele (the "tiara" birthday gal)...

    Quote Originally Posted by Crabracer View Post
    It's never to early to think about next year. Although we have not yet booked, we are looking at April 19-29. Feel free to join the list. I have a feeling that most of my Amigos will be in Negril. So I'm looking for new Amigos to meet me on the rock.

    Richie & Sylvia 19-29

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