We've just booked our vacation to CTI from Aug. 18 - 27 this year. My wife really like to swim in the ocean and will always be there rather than the pools if given a choice. We chose CTI out of all the Couples resorts based on what we've read on Trip Advisor and this message board, but now I'm worried maybe we should have chosen a different resort with a different beach. We aren't concerned about the size of the beach as many are, since we don't usually take long walks down them like you can at CN, so the smaller beach at CTI is fine with us. My concern though after watching some Youtube videos is that the area they have roped off for swimming seems very small and confined. Also, we very rarely see anyone actually in the water in any of the pictures or videos. Can anyone tell me how deep the water is at the rope line, and why nobody seems to be interested in getting in the water? Seems odd to have all those water activities yet never see anyone making use of them. What gives? Should we have chosen a different resort? Maybe they'll let me switch.... Thanks for any advice you can give!