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    Default Animals Around CSA

    One of my favorite things to do on beach vacations is to occasionally get up and walk around with my camera, to stretch my legs after hours of lying in the sun. I especially love capturing photos of the local critters.

    A while back I saw a thread on here about animals in the water at CSA (fish, starfish, occasional sting ray, bringing my underwater camera for snorkeling), but what can I expect to find on land? From reading other posts I've gathered that there are crabs, tree frogs and cats. I'm guessing there are probably sea birds that fly by from time to time too? What else should I be on the lookout for on my photography strolls?

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    Lots of stray cats, the occasional dog will walk in from the beach, horses in the water, tree frogs everywhere, but only from dusk to dawn, and the oddest animal of all - the drunken tourist.
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    Lots of little lizards all around ... Some very colorful. There are large crabs as well as the little beach crabs that are fun to take pictures of.

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    Those cute little birds. The land crabs that come out at night are kind of funny. The crabs on the beach are hilarious. You will never see them while you are moving or walking but sit on the lounger and look for them to come out of their holes and then retreat when either the surf or a human approaches.

    One year off the end of our Atrium patio I was able to see/watch the top part of a palm tree where it looks kind of spindley and the fruit/seeds were growing. There was seemingly always some sort of wildlife action going on from bugs to birds to lizards to who know what else I saw.

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    I'm not sure how common this is but we were laying by the pool at the fitness center and heard a rustling in the bushes. Out came a mongoose eating a lizard. He looked at us for a moment and I'm sure we looked surprised as we wern't sure what we were looking at. He wasn't afraid of us at all and walked right by us into other bushes looking for more to eat. Good luck with your nature hunting.

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    Name:  DSCN0494.JPG
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Size:  136.0 KBIf your camera is not waterproof, but you feel very steady and lucky, walk out into the water up to your waist or so and you can find live starfish on the bottom. Pay close attention as you walk the beach to the north and you may see others along the way in shallower water. Most are smaller but we saw some a couple that were a good 12 inches across this past year. The larger ones tended to be brownish in color.

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    There's a walkway over by the water sports hut and Seagrapes, that heads towards the loby. On the north side of this walkway there is a long hedge of flowering plants. My wife and I have seen the Doctor Humming Bird there several times. This is the Jamaican national bird. It's got a really long split tail, maybe twice it's body length or longer. That would make for some great shots.

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    We spent an enjoyable afternoon with a little terrier mix who sought shelter from the rain on our verandah. He hung out with us for a few hours (and was rewarded with some chicken). I missed my dogs, so it was nice to make a new friend.
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    We had a cat that stayed on our verandah the whole time we were at CSA in 2011. We have also seen a couple of dogs & crabs on the beach. We also see tree frogs & lizards every time we have been at CSA.. 2008,2009,2011. We will be back at CSA this May.

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    Awesome, thanks everyone! I'll be on the lookout for all of these while there. Just 63 more days!

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