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    Default Summer room renovations at CSA?

    Noticed a management response to a TA review about summer room renos. for next year (Feb 4 review).

    Anyone have any more info on this? Time frame, what room categories, nature of renos. etc...

    Will be arriving late fall and don't want renovation/construction noise to be a concern.


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    I hope they are considering renovations very soon! I am going in September and do not want to hear the noise and construction either. But according to many, many reviews that have been put on TA, CSA needs to do something soon to update their rooms. Sounds as if they have put it off way too long. Very concerned as this is my first time to CSA and now I am finding negative reviews on here, not just TA. Very concerned...

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    What Gary said was that they were changing and updating the soft furnishings, which is bed linens, curtains, etc. And that the bathrooms are being renovated. But they are doing them over the summer in blocks so no guests will be inconvenianced (sp). You won't have any worries, relax and enjoy.
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