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    Default CSS laundry service

    Hi everyone,

    Quick question, does CSS have a laundry service? My fiancé and I will be there for 10 days in June and I hate over packing! So, does CSS have a laundry service or would you advise me to bring a small container of detergent in case I need to wash a shirt/dress/shorts while we are there?


    Teresa & Alfredo

    P.S 11 weeks until we arrive!!! SUPER EXCITED!!!

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    They have laundry service and do a great job. As of Dec 2012, unlimited laundry for a 7 day stay was $99 or they offer to charge you by whatever you turn in. Items are picked up in the morning (make a call to housekeeping) and returned the next day ironed, neatly hung, and smelling great.

    Scott and June

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    Here are a few pics of the laundry price list at CSS from last Aug (2012): Sans Souci--Aug 2012/475ce90d.jpg Sans Souci--Aug 2012/4c67b9cf.jpg Sans Souci--Aug 2012/5e0855b1.jpg

    My husband often uses the laundry service at the resorts we go to & they do a good job & it's almost always back that same day (if you call early in the a.m.).

    We also always bring little travel packets of Tide, made for hand-washing. They sell them in the Travel Sized section at Target, etc... They look like this: Tide Travel Sink Packets, 3-Count: Health & Personal Care

    Downy Wrinkle Releaser also does a good job of freshening up clothes & getting some wrinkles out (in case you want to re-wear shorts or capris, etc.. a few times). They make a 3 oz. travel size like this: Downy Wrinkle Releaser::Products (this is the new packaging -- the old packaging was an off-white bottle).

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    Hi, CSS does have laundry services that are reasonably priced. You'll find information about the fees in the information you will find in your room. Have a great trip!:-)

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    Sorry about my links above -- the "new & improved" Photobucket site has completely screwed up everything !! Let me try again & see if these work..

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