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    Default Sea Star Saturday One Love Reggae Show(?)

    Has anyone went to the Sea Star Saturday One Love Reggae Show? Opinions? Tips? Recommendations?

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    I went to it last November and had a blast. Great music in a great atmosphere. I highly recommend it. I think it was US$20 for dinner and the show. I can't recall what it cost for the show only.

    Contact Seastar and they will send a bus to pick you up. I think you have to grab a taxi back to Couples. At least that's what I did.

    If you want a glimpse at what it is like, the show is webcast live every Saturday night at this link. - Negril Webcasting Network - Negril Live Video Webcast and Chat from Negril Jamaica
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    you can watch a webcast of it at on saturday night.
    it's all about the kids

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