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    Default CN in May - questions about activities

    It seems that from the Couples website, all locations show daily activities but not so much for CN. Are the same items offered - cooking classes, tie dye, etc? We picked CN for we have stayed at a neighboring resort on Bloody Bay and we just love the location. This will be our 6th trip to Jamaica and every one is better than the last. This will be the first with Couples. I cannot wait! If tye-dye is offered, do you bring your own tees? Is paddleboarding available? We will be there 5/4-11 and already have the One Love Pub Crawl scheduled for Wed 5/8 with pickup at 2:20 if anyone wants to join us. Thanks for the info!

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    All activities you mentioned are included. I am bringing an old couples shirt to dye. We arrive a few days before you and leave on the 8th.

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    We will be at CN for our 7th trip in April. There will be plenty of activities and they will be posted each morning in a couple of the common areas. Carlos and the activity folks are great fun! Can't remember the exact days for tye-dye, but try it if you can! Marie, the tye dye lady, is awesome and she will make you an awesome tye dyed shirt. We have just bought one of the shirts that she had, but we've also brought them from home, or even tye dyed shirts we bought there at the gift shop. I believe the price is around $10 to do it, maybe a little less? Marie is not a Couples employee, and comes to do the tye dye 2-3 days a week, I think.

    Don't worry-there will be plenty of games, contests, etc. if you want to do them! You're going to love CN, I hope.
    Pam and Ron

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