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    Default Css - shopping excursion

    I have a question for anyone who has done this shopping trip from the resort into Ocho Rios. Based on where you get dropped off, is it close enough to go to Scotchies? How long is the excursion? Would we have time to shop and to try out some jerk chicken at Scotchies?

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    I was wondering something similar. Can we hitch a ride on the "shopping" tour but explore a little bit around the area?

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    We went on the shopping trip. I didn't like it, however the group on the bus were a blast! It's pretty much the same thing, different shop. I believe Scotchies is next to the Shopping center. We were there about two hours.

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    Scotchies is way out you will need a Taxi. Other side of Dunns River if I remember rightly. We always have a cab from the resort for shopping and sting out. Most high end restaurants will not charge but if you do need a cab the return fare 9bookable at reception is about 25/30$

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