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    Hey everyone! I have a few questions.

    1. I seen on these threads that the resort puts a$300 hold on CC in the case of something breaking. My travel agent swears that I won't have that BC my trip is AI. Does EVERYONE get the hold?

    2. I see that if u order miller light they charge your room for it. Is that only if you order it for your mini fridge or at bars in general? BC I seen where the sports center offers Miller light on their menu.

    3. How early should we arrive to the Atlanta airport? Our flight to CSA leaves at 12:10. I see that the resort makes you arrive 4 hours prior on the departure. So should we arrive 4 hours on the way too?

    Thanks for your help!

    61 days till CSA

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    1. Everyone gets a $300 hold on the credit card for incidentals (phone calls, spa treatments, gift shop etc.). They take it off when you check out. Everyone is AI so I'm not sure what your travel agent means...

    2. It would be if you order Miller lite for your mini bar - and I'd find that strange. I thought it was only for Heineken in the room.. I'd double check that when you get there. It might be another tall tale. Anything you get at the regular bars is included. the only exception would be if you order off the manager's wine list at dinner - those are extra - but I've found the house wines to be more than adequate.

    3. Norm to be AT the airport is 2 hours early. It's the same in Jamaica. they leave the resort 4 hours before because it takes almost 2 hours to get to the airport.
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    1. Your TA is wrong. They put a hold on a CC for everyone. TI used to be $200 but may have increased.
    2. ML is free at all bars. You may be charged to upgrade in your mini.
    3. Usually 2 hours is sufficient arrival for international flights out of US airports.

    Have a great trip and PLEASE post a trip review and mostly post pictures when you get home.


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    They put the hold on everyones card because the resort is cashless, so if you buy something at spa or gift shop it will be charged to your room and you settle your bill when you check out. If you don't buy anything at resort you won't have to spend another penny to have a great time.

    Not sure if you can buy up graded liquors for the mini bar or not at CSA, at least you couldn't in August of 2012. I am thinking maybe its just at CSS. But if they offer it at the bar there won't be a charge for it at the bar. You can up grade you wine at dinner for a cost if you want.

    As far as getting airport in time, two hours should be more then enough time to get go through TSA and make you plane. On the way back they make you leave the resort 4 hours before your flight because it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to airport. So you really are just at MBJ for 2 1/2 hours before your flight, enough time to do some last minute shopping.

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    One more question. The classes that they offer at the resort, basket weaving, hat/jewelry making... that IS included right? Do we tip the instructor and/or pay forthe supplies?

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    1) EVERYone has the $300 hold. Shame on your travel agent for being clueless.

    2) Don't know if there's a charge for Miller Lite in your room - would doubt it, but if so, just have some at one of the beach bars. The Sports Center doesn't allow for removal of drinks from the premises, but you should be all set with one of the beach bars.

    3) Check with your airline about arrival time. You leave super early from the resort as a protection against getting stuck in traffic and/or long lines at the airport. Generally getting to your airport in the US about 2 hours before flight is fine, but again, check with your airline.

    Oh, and don't sweat the small stuff - you'll find CSA to be a very welcoming resort!!

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    yes, the classes are included! no tipping for that...have fun and enjoy! i'm so jealous!

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