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    Default new to couples-thinking of booking CTI. questions...

    I have a few questions about CTI. My husband and I are considering a trip to CTI soon for our anniversary. I have read about every review I could and it seems like a nice resort. I would appreciate any positive or negative feedback to know what to expect. This will be the smallest resort we have ever been to. Does it get crowded? I am also curious about entertainment, I hear there isn't much entertainment on the resort. We love the nightly shows and disco on resorts we have visited previously. Does CTI have this? Is there transportation to do things off the resort besides Margaritaville?
    Other resorts we have visited previously seem to never have seafood, like crab and lobster. Does CTI provide any crab or lobster? Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

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    First, I'm going to be lazy, and post a link to the wife and my review from our first trip to CTI:

    We went in early November, and the resort was nearly deserted, which wasn't a bad thing! This year, we're going in May, so maybe more people will be there. Probably depends on the time of year, etc.

    As for off-resort excursions, there are others beyond Margaritaville: Shopping and Dunns River Falls both come to mind.

    Couldn't tell you about the nightly shows, as most of the time when these were starting up, the wife and I were starting to crash into the bed from our day!

    Seafood is going to be one of those "seasonal" treats. If it's in-season, they'll likely have it.


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    We went to CTI for the first time feb.1-10. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! I'm sure you will to. It never felt crowded and it exceeded our expectations in every way. I couldn't imagine anyone being disappointed with a trip their. Friday night is lobster night, when its in season. Thankfully we had 2 Friday nights during our stay. However we noticed seafood like lobster,crab, scallops etc served in some form everyday.

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    We have trip number 7 booked for July. I have never felt it was crowded, but it may depend on the time of year. As for entertainment, they have shows nightly and then play music for dancing in the main buffet area. The Piano Bar has different things like sing alongs & Kareoke on different evenings. There is a big show on Beach Party Night (Monday). Friday is Lobster night when it's in season. The season is closed April 1-June 30. Monday you get free transportation to Margaritaville in Ocho Rios. There are shopping trips almost daily into OR. Also, Alford does a power walk outside the resort and up the mountain and then back down. Dunn's River is included in your trip as is a Catamaran Cruise. There is an excursion desk in the front across from check in if you want to do something that is not included; jeep rides, river rafting, Mystic Mountain. Hope this helps!

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    I guess I should add that you can get crab cakes, shrimp, conch and other sea foods daily.

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    We just celebrated our anniversary at CTI and it was everything we expected. I love seafood and there was a nice selection - don't remember there being crab though. The buffet varies from night to night and I thoroughly enjoyed every calorie. Bayside restaurant, Eight Rivers and Verandah restaurants all had seafood menu items.
    CTI never felt crowded - if fact there were a few times we wondered where everyone was. The evening shows were all good - the key here is to make some friends to share the shows with.
    Lots to do in the area as Vickyj above mentioned. Also the resort as a Chukka tours booth who do a wide variety of activities for an extra cost (we didn't do any this time - we were just happy to chill out). The resort includes a variety of activities including snorkeling excursion to the nearby reef and the Catamaran tours - word to the wise... book these tours as soon as possible in your stay. If the weather turns "red flag" they may cancel water activities and there's no automatic rebooking - you'll have to rebook - so again book early in your stay to avoid disappointment.
    CTI is definitely a little more laid back than party-till-you-drop, but if you're looking to celebrate your love on your anniversary - we recommend it.

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    I just booked our first trip to CTI today!! I am so excited to go. I love reading all the messages from past guests. Thanks for all the great information!

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    We were just there at the end of January and were also new to Couples. We completely loved it--so much that we're going back in January 2014 and bringing 2 other couples with us! I have a review posted:

    To answer your questions:

    Does it get crowded?
    -I think it was full when we were there, but it didn't seem crowded, really. The one night that it did felt a little bit that way was the beach party. We were actually seated in the Pool Grill, and it was full in there! Otherwise there were definitely always people around, but it's such a mellow vibe that it didn't feel crowded. It was easy to feel very private. We did tend to see a lot of the same people around, fwiw!

    -There were nightly shows in the Patio restaurant by the Main bar. We liked the steel drum band on Wednesday night the most, but we honestly didn't stick around for the other performances (and there was at least a band playing each night) too much. People will be there, though, so if that's your thing, live it up! The other late-night option is the Piano Bar, which apparently only closes when the last person leaves. It was a lot of sing-a-long stuff when we were in there. You can get top-shelf liquor there as well, and it seemed like the drinks were a bit stronger. There is not a dance club/disco at CTI.

    Is there transportation to do things off the resort besides Margaritaville?
    -Yes, if it's an included off-site activity, there will be transportation (tip the driver). There is also a private company there, Chukka, that does other excursions that cost extra. We didn't do any but heard good things about some of them.

    Does CTI provide any crab or lobster?
    -Yes. Friday night is lobster night, I believe, when it's in season. Sadly, we weren't at the resort on a Friday, so we didn't experience this. I did eat a ton of seafood in general while we were there, but I don't recall crab specifically.

    Honestly, you will love CTI: the staff was fantastic, the food was across-the-board good, and the service was perfect. If you go, say hi to Kirk in the lobby. He's a good man to know.

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