We just got back from our first trip to CSS so thought I'd post this.

I know there have been many questions about using Delta airlines and more specifically connecting through Atlanta. Yes, Atlanta is a big airport but IMO is very easy to navigate. On our way to Jamaica, we had no issues at all. We arrived on time in ATL and only had a 50 minute connection time. We deplaned, got on the tram in Concourse B to go to the International Terminal and were standing at our departure gate in 10 minutes. So we had time to walk around before boarding. And for those that smoke, ATL International Terminal has a really nice and well ventilated smoking lounge. Returning from Jamaica, we left MBJ late and hit some bad weather coming into ATL. We arrived about 30 minutes or so late and we already had a little less than 2 hours for our connection to begin with. We were also towards the back of the plane. So once we landed and were taxing, I fired up my phone to see if our connecting flight was delayed to give us extra time. It was not and the Fly Delta app suggested that we change our connecting flight since we were arriving late (you can do that through the app). So I looked at hubby and he looked at me and we decided to just take a chance and see if we could make it. I knew there was a later flight we could take if we didn’t make it. We got off the plane, went through passport services, got our bags (which came out within a few minutes), went through customs, re-checked our bags and then went through security. Got on the tram to get to Concourse B from the International Terminal and went to our gate. From getting off the plane to standing at our departure gate……. 22 minutes. We landed around 5pm on a Saturday and I was surprised there weren’t any lines. The staff in the International Terminal were fabulous. Very helpful and told us exactly where we needed to go and what we needed to do and they had people at every corner to guide you along. I even mentioned to one of the staff towards the end that IMO, they were the most efficient airport I had seen in a long time.

We have booked a return trip to CN in November with similar flight/connection times.