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    A bit about ourselves. He is turning 60 and she is turning 40. Married for 16 years. We tend to be a bit sedentary, but like to be friendly. We booked a stay at Couples Negril with the hope of having a nice, romantic vacation with nice friendly people. Our dates are June 22-29. We have been reading these boards extensively for awhile now along with other sources to gleen as much info as possible.

    We have noticed lately quite a few mentions and complaints about large, rowdy groups of drunken people that have caused others problems. While we understand it is a vacation and liquor is flowing freely we are hoping for an atmosphere where most understand what the term decorum means. We like to dress for dinner and we like the feel of quiet elegance.

    We have also noticed many "entitled" people that seem to suggest they should be able to make the rules considering things like dinner dress codes and use of he AN areas.

    We know this post will open us to some criticism, but we are trying to decide if a different place is better suited to our needs. Couples Negril looks and seems a wonderful place for us. Perhaps this is unwarranted jitters? Any advise and comments are very welcomed.

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    The majority of people at any Couples will not be a problem and in fact a joy to get to know. We have made several friends and I am in your age group. There are always a few who seem to take to heart their mommy's words "you are soooooo special" and think the world revolves around them and rules are for others. I think this all started when parents wanted to be their kid's "best friend" instead of their parents and the kids had no rules. Try not to let these people ruin your trip. They can be found in all corners of our world and not just Couples. These self embarassing types forget they are at a RESORT and not a hut on the beach. The reason they stand out when seen is that Couples usually attracts friendly quality guests. I suggest you take the resort tour when you arrive as it is not only very informative but a great way to meet your newest friends. We were even invited to two couples' weddings. You will love Couples and have as good of a time as you let yourself have.

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    Zany, many on this board feel the same way. We also hope Couples addresses this issue. It seems that the Dollar has more clout than the spring break atmosphere that some bring with them. This in an upscale resort, if it is not going to be maintained that way, we will find one that does.
    Randy and Betsy

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    Of the all the places you could decide upon, I believe you've chosen the best option. Other resorts, including the mega resorts - to remain nameless - must have similar issues, and I would think probably a bit more of an issue that any couples resort ever would have. The couples brand has a different appeal.
    I did chime in on the other thread, I think that the thread and some of my comments got a little blown out of porportion. Our experiences were more of, "one offs" than it being spring break 2012 debauchery (sp?) We are in our mid-40's. I completed my "woo-hooing" certification in my late 20's for the most part. It has since expired, and I am all good with it. If folks want to party like it's 1999, then that's fine. Just don't bring it into the resturant while I am trying to enjoy my dinner and ambiance. By the same token I wouldn't walk into the disco and ask them to turn the music down and turn the lights up because I am trying to read the latest white paper on thermodynamics. Makes sense. It's being considerate.

    Once you get on property and have a chance to chill you will find that "everything is gonna be allright."

    Look forward to hearing how it all goes.

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    You will love CN. The problems you mentioned are very rare and should be taken care of with Randymon's post about Code or Conduct. Go an enjoy!

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    Just go and enjoy yourself!!! Don't worry about the politics. None of that matters while your there. It's only things you think of while you toil here, once your there the issues pale in significance. The only thing that matters is you and your significant other in that beautiful setting.

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    Unwarranted jitters. There can be an idiot in any crowd, but you will be among mostly civilized adults.

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    Do not worry about some recent posts about loud drunk people. Those occurrences are few and far between and I think the only reason they get mentioned is because they are NOT the norm at Couples. Couples resorts are the most relaxing tranquil places.
    There are certain areas of course where there is a more social environment such as the pool bar, and certain areas where peace can be found. It's your choice to be where you want to be. Go and enjoy your trip without worries. It'll be everything you have dreamed it would be.

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    A disclaimer - we have not been to CN. We have been to swept away and sans souci. We are 45 and 35 and we also like a romantic trip rather than a spring break trip. We stopped going to the "S" resorts because of the bachelor/bachelorette party feel. So far, we have been very pleased with the atmosphere at Couples. Sure, at both resorts we ran across a few that may fit the spring break mantra but overall the atmosphere was startlingly different than our "S" experiences and better than our other resort chain atmosphere experiences. Even without having been to CN, I feel confident in believing you will find the type of experience you are seeking.

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    I just turned 51 & hubby will be turning 53 before our 7th trip to CN that is coming up so that is the age group we fall in .... I don't think you have to worry, though & will LOVE CN ..... We've been to lots of other resorts (including CSA & CSS) & locations & this is our favorite place in the world. Usually if there happens to be larger group at CN for a wedding or b-day, they aren't too bad most of the time .... The reason they stand out at all is because most of the rest of the guests are just like you & us & are there for a quiet COUPLES vacation & NOT spring break. My biggest complaint about the larger groups is at dinner when they all want to sit together & tables have to be pushed together for them & they get loud because they can't hear each other or during things like pool or beach volleyball, when they all want to play together & then there's no room for anyone else to play .... I always think that they should play at other times during the day if they want to play since they have more than a enough for 2 teams so at the designated times, allow the other guests to play ..... The balls & courts are there 24/7. That being said, we are going back & counting the days to paradise .... We LOVE CN!!!!!

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    My husband and I (30, 32) are defectors from another AI chain because of the loud, rowdy atmosphere. Can't wait to go to SS for a relaxing spa like environment. Don't get me wrong, we like to unwind and have a few drinks, but we also not rowdy by any means

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    We have been to CN eight times. I have always commented that the great majority of couples are very enjoyable to be around-fun, respectful and top notch people. I am really amazed that with all the alcohol served, the atmosphere is very tranquil, romantic and just fabulous! You are going to LOVE IT!

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    We've been to all four of the Jamaican Couples Resorts, visiting annually since 1998 (but not visiting in 2012 or 2013 [yet] due our elderly pets), and in some years, we visited two or three times. In total, we've been to Couples 19 times. There have been a few times when there have been loud, disruptive guests, and we've heard about some incidents from staff that are almost unbelievable, but the overwhelming majority of the time, everything has been irie.

    It might make you less nervous if you devise a plan in the event that you finding yourself bothered by unruly guests. My suggestion: relocate. Each of the resorts is large enough that you're not stuck in any particular place. If guests are a bit out of control at the swim-up bar, grab a couple of drinks from the beach grill bar and head to the small pool in the watersports area or head to the beach. If there are bothersome guests on the beach, pack up your belongings and find another place on the beach where you'll be more comfortable. It's a long beach. Grab a floatie, wade out into the bay, and enjoy floating on the water. Very relaxing!

    Stressed out by the bad behavior of others? Head to the spa and schedule a massage.

    More than likely, you won't experience anything that bad. CN is our favorite of the resorts. You'll love it. You won't be disappointed, and you'll want to return again and again.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Our first 3 trips to Couples was at CN. We really liked CN but decided we should try Ocho and we visited CSS and then CTI. After many trips to the Caribbean we do not travel during Spring Break or in May if possible because we have ran into the rowdy groups a few times. We like to be friendly but mostly enjoy just vegging out on the beach.

    CN has the (1) main pool and if people are rowdy there you will have to move to the beach, At CSS, CTI and CSA you can switch to another pool or the beach.

    We have noticed that most of the rowdy behavior happens at the swim up bar later in the evening after a few have been in the sun drinking all day.

    You will love CN, it is so nice.

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    Thank you for posting the question - after reading a few of the posts about people having too much and then heading off to the hot tub we were a little worried too about obnoxious people. Good to read the responses ( it seems like it's the same ratio of obnoxious people no matter where in the world you go ... ). I'm glad it's not too many !!!

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    While there are often a few busy-bodies who feel they are self-appointed 'rules monitors' who get in a huff and get all upset or run to complain to a staff member, they are few and far between (thankfullly). Most of the people at Couples are of the 'live and let live' variety. If you are doing something inappropriate a staff member will speak to you politely about it. Couples handles these things very well and very professionally.
    We had one afternoon at the nude beach at CN ruined by a guest who got unbelievably upset that a lady she didn't even know was laying on a chair with a towel over her breasts quietly reading a book. This lady had a fit, made a scene, told everyone who would listen how that lady needed to be NUDE (she was... and only briefly put the towel over her upper body to get a break from the sun on that area) and then the lady got mad at all the rest of us for saying we didn't care if she covered up for a while. She forced a security guard to come over and then got mad at the security guard for not taking it for the serious crime she thought it was. It was a non-issue that she could not let go. Somehow she thought that the letter of 'rule' justified her ruining everyone's afternoon. "Its the rule! Rules are rules!" she kept saying that over and over without realizing that she was the one ruining the day. It is actually sad to see that some people cannot see that there is a world of difference between a clothed person lurking at the nude beach (which is what the spirit of the rule is aimed at and does prevent!) and someone pulling their towel up over them for a little while. There is alway room for sensible behavior... even in and around rules! Some people... go figure! Mostly it's all pretty laid back. Not to worry. You will find the people very easy to talk to and to get along with.
    All the best!

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    Thank you all so much for your responses and reassurances. We feel much better about our choice of CN now and are eagerly looking forward to our visit. We do understand there is a certain element that will always push the limit of good taste and think rules do not apply to them. We will try to ignore them the best we can and make our vacation what we want it to be.

    Responding to one post, we don't think rule monitors are all that bad, frankly. We kind of believe rules are there to be followed. We agree that your example probably does point out a time when there was an over reaction. We have seen time and again others making justifications about bending or breaking rules. For example we saw a post defending some clothing on the AN beach with a husband saying he sits on the an side while his wife stays clothed just over the line on the textile side. This seems to us a pretty blatant flaunting of the "spirit" of the rules. Another example is many people's resistance to following easy dress codes to nice restaurants. We will admit this is one of our pet peeves at all times not just on vacation.

    Once again we thank all of you for the friendly help and information.

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