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    Default CTI shuttle for first timers

    My wife and I are heading to CTI for the first time in 9 days. We are both very excited and can't wait. I would actually like to stop at a cigar shop just 5 to 10 minutes away from the MoBay airport and then come back and pick up the shuttle. Is this possible? How often do they come by? We arrive at 1:20 in MBJ and I was planning to spend about an hour at the cigar shop if possible.

    I have been going through this forum and can't stop reading all about the things to do. Thanks to the forum I have booked the zipline and the horseback riding based on recommendations.


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    Once you get your bags and clear customs there is usually only about a 15-20 minute wait for your shuttle to the resort. During that time you have your bags tagged for the trip and wait at the Couples Lounge while enjoying a beverage. I do not see how anyone would leave the airport and then return in time for this. Remember that Couples plans their shuttle runs based on your flight arrival times and not a regular scheduled pickup time. I guess you could try to arrange private transportation to the resort but I do not know why you would want to add the cost.

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    Hmmm, Well the shuttles run as needed with no set times. The only problem your going to have is once you leave the airport you can not get back in to the Couples lounge to tell them your ready to go. I have read that you can get a baggage handler to go let them know your there from people who have done a split stay.

    I would ask at the lounge once you get to MBJ and see what they say you should/can do. And if nothing else they do sell cigars at the resort.

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    You could probably do this. Tell the people at the Couples lounge what you are up to and they will show you where to have your cab return to at the airport.

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    I've had people tell me they took a taxi to stay at a B&B in Mobay rather than arrive at Couples late on the first night then come back to the lounge and catch the shuttle. Are you sure you can't just come back in?

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    If I was your other half, I would not be happy. I would tell you to buy some at the resort.

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    First off, 4 days until we head off. We are very excited. Second, I just finished speaking to one of the people in the lounge and they stated there shouldn't be any problems. They said we could go to the lounge, leave our luggage with them, and then come back when we are finished at the shop.

    I couldn't imagine that we would have to worry about our luggage in the lounge, but my wife wanted me to ask anyways. Would you be concerned at all about leaving your luggage in the Couples airport lounge?

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    Note that you cannot re-enter the airport.

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    I would feel comfortable leaving my luggage in the Couples Lounge. They are Couples employees and I have full trust in them. Keep your carry-on items with you.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    To softail19. Thank you so much for your thought out and helpful reply to my request about the shuttle service. It answered my question completely and wasn't at all off topic.

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    Seems like wayyyy too much hassle for some stinky cigars when you can buy them at the resort. I'm just sayin!

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    Your wife is a saint for putting up with the smell. That's all I'm saying. To each there own but don't blow it my way

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    if you really want to shop in town you can take a taxi from the hotel..they charge you $25.00 back and forth all you have to do is tell them when you want to be picked up and then you pay when you get back to CTI,,my wife and i found out thats the best way to shop and nobody bothers you you can spen from 1 to 5 hours shopping..

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    I'm just guessing here but maybe his other half doesn't mind. I enjoy going cigar shopping with my hubby and have been known to take a pull or two myself. I would be kind of okay with leaving my bags at the anyone really going to take your clothes; would t leave anything of any value and have read of shoes being stolen. It will cost you more the $25 to get back to MBJ from CSS.

    so what's the deal with this cigar shop?
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