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    Is there a way I can track my posts? Sometimes I remember posting but I don't remember the thread and I can't find it. It seems like there is a lot more posting lately and it is harder to follow.

    Thx, Jen

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    Go to THREAD TOOLS and SUBSCRIBE TO THIS THREAD. Then after all you need to do is click on USER CP and all your subscribed posts will be listed.

    One situation if if you attempt to post to the thread and it hasn't been updated yet you might end up with multiple posts to it.

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    Click on your name above, then click on "Find All Posts by JumpinJen."
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    Good question! I will be waiting for an answer.
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    I think if you go into your account after clicking on your board name, then click on "show all statistics", then look on the left and it should allow you to click on all YOUR posts. Try that.
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    If you click on your name it will say, "Veiw all posts by Jumpinjen"

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