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    Default Recent TA reviews??

    I've seen several recent reviews for both CN and CSA that say the rooms are really rundown and the resorts are showing their age. When we were at CSA we were in the older section and the rooms were showing their age especially in the bathrooms, I'm just wondering has it gotten worse? Are the rooms rundown at CN? couples did respond and said that they are so spidering refurbishment of the rooms. I'm just wondering what people's experience has been, I know TA reports aren't always accurate. I'm ready to book but I'm slightly hesitating.

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    The trend on TA of the "critics" is to be rather snobbish and intent to find fault as they think this makes them interesting. CSA is not the polished marble, crystal, and chrome of some Mexican resorts. It is a laid back and relaxing beach resort where you can really enjoy your vacation while you unwind. They don't dazzle you with things that sparkle but instead amaze you with wonderful food and service. All the while you get more of a feel of being in Jamaica rather than on a permanently docked cruise ship somewhere else. Nothing phoney here. The rooms are clean, bright, and comfortable. I love how at the end of my trip at Couples I am sooooooooooooooooooo relaxed, happy, and content. Ya mon...irie. This is what a vacation is supposed to be.

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    If your standards are marble floors and Italian tiled walls then yes they would look run down. They are old and updating would be great but it all depends on someone's standards. We go to Couples for a lot more than the rooms. However, we do require a comfortable bed, nice balcony, good AC and a CLEAN room, sheets and bathroom and a stocked fridge. All of which, Couples delivers very well on so no worries here Mon..

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    We have been to CN 5 times...the rooms are fine in our opinion....the bathrooms are looking a bit tired, but I had heard from another pin on the board, that management was starting to refurbish the bathrooms. I am very comfortable with how the rooms are at CN....but I don't go expecting marble and glass, I prefer the laid-back vibe.

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    Meeko, I have never undersood the complaints about rooms at CN....we are heading to our 5th trip this year and the rooms have always been very clean, nice, bright, very tropical feel to them. I don't understand the "tired" comment some people use. Either they haven't done their homework or they are snobs...Couples doesn't advertise glitter and gold and if that is what you want, you will probably be disappointed. They have beautiful rooms with gorgeous views of ponds, flora, etc. They are kept VERY clean and while you might see some is the tropics, we have never even found them in our rooms. Some people get so hung up on the room and you spend VERY LITTLE time there. It's just too pretty to be in the room very much.

    Go and enjoy, you will find that the rooms are nice and comfortable, as they are meant to be.

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    I didn't see the reviews on TA, but having spent a lot of time on TA and this board, its probably an expectation issue. Many of the non couple resorts we have been too have been newly built, have marble and glitz everywhere. Couples won't be like that, so many TA reviews consider Couples to be outdated.

    Run down is a different term to me. Run down to me means that the walls are dirty or have the paint rubbed off, linens sheets and rugs are threadbare or stained and some room features have lost their function. I would bring those conditions to managements attention and request a different room if that's the case.

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    I am not expecting glitz at all and most of these reviews are not stating that they expected all that glitters. They are talking about the staff, service, non-premium liquors, and even the food. We are seeing these same concerns now on this board from CSA repeaters who have always adored this place. They knew the rooms were not glamorous but these people still expected good service, great food, and everything in working order. Something must be "off" at CSA right now for so many people to be posting so many of the same complaints. I hope the management gets the vibe from these boards and other sites like TA about how dissatisfied people are with their resort. Hopefully soon the bad reviews will become sporadic again.
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