We leave for Negril two months from tomorrow and I have been wanting to find a dress for a dinner at Otaheite....you know, something special for that night. We were in Myrtle Beach in April and I had found a nice sundress, but we hadn't decided where, or even if, we were going yet. We went back for our anniversary (yesterday 9/20, 18 years) and looked around. I have skirts, but they are just plain. I wanted something special....something that felt a little islandish....with some color. We looked and looked....found a sundress, but he didn't seem to like it(and it is CRITICAL that he like it too!) FINALLY, went into a shop and found a skirt and matching top that are colorful with reds, black and nice designs and tried it on. I liked it.....and he REALLY liked it.

That was the last thing I really needed to make sure our trip to Couples is complete. I have been so excited about going and want to have one dinner at Otaheite and needed something that would make that one night special and SO glad to have found it. Counting down the days (61 days left).