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    Default Thank You Texas!

    It's a lousy start to the week for much of Ontario and Quebec as Canada creeps toward the first official day of spring.

    Southern Ontario is in the path of a Texas low that will bring lower temperatures and mixed precipitation over the next couple of days, and make driving dicey for much of the region Monday.

    Projected snowfall amounts for parts of southwestern Ontario were initially lower, but have been revised slightly upwards compared with previous forecasts.


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    Yeah it cooled off here in Ft. Worth/Dallas today. Down to 69 F today from 72 F yesterday. We've already had an 80 something day in the past week or so. Bradford Pear trees are just about done flowering but the Redbuds are still pink. These, and the beautiful fall days, are the days that we live for and look back upon fondly once the High bubble sets in for the summer.

    Never heard of that Texas low before. Stay warm.

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    We're just returning some of the weather you sent down here to us over the last couple months. Sorry. Paybacks can be a bitch sometimes. Lol

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    Turned out to be not a big deal afterall. I think "Texas low " is something "The Weather Channel" dreams up I believe they refer to it as a low presssure system heading north up the Mississippi to the Ohio Valley then gets sucked into the Great Lakes region and that normally causes a big bloody mess of snow in the lower end of Ontario. Right now, I dont really care. We're just about finished packing, flight leaves at 7:05AM tomorrow. By this time Thurs. I hope to be fine tuning my liver and my snow colored carcass is getting some sun. Cheers

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