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    When we arrive at Montego Bay airport, how do we find our ride to Tower Isle?

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    That will be no problem. Go through immigration and baggage and you'll follow the flow of people till you see the Couples Lounge. It's well marked. You'll check in there and they will get you on your way!
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    First you get your bags and get in line at customs. After that you just follow the hallway to a large open room that has several resort lounges around the perimeter. Just look for the one that says Couples over it and you are there. Someone will tag your bags for the bus trip to the resort and you check in. Once there you can get a drink (Red Stripe, soda, water) and maybe change into shorts and flip flops in the bathroom like we do while getting your sunglasses ready for the trip. We always bring these in our carry on. Have $1 per bag for tips to the baggage handlers at the airport.

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    Just go to the Couples lounge, relax and have a Red Stripe and they will have you on your wat asap!
    One Love, Gloria

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