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    Default Just back from CSA trip 3- last trip

    So we just spend our third stent of 5 nights at CSA in the past 5 years and I have to say things have certainly changed since our first trip. We got there and for the third time our room was not ready- no big deal so we went to get something to eat. However when we came back we were given our room keys and had to take our own luggage. The room was technically a garden verandah (over by the Palms side of the resort) however it was outdated and so I asked to be moved over to the garden verandahs by the great house which is where we spent our other 2 vacations. They said to have our bags ready by 10am the next morning and we would be moved by 3pm. We were fine with that and made sure our things were packed and at the ready by 10am- throughout the morning we checked to see if our bags had left and they hadn’t. At 3pm I went and asked why we hadn’t been moved yet. I was told that our things were not packed when the bellhop went to pick them up. After a brief discussion they found out they had the wrong room. So finally we got moved around 4pm. A little aggravated but just happy to have the room I had wanted we had a good rest of the night. Throughout the week we would see things that were now being unavailable as they had in the past. No more Makers Mark burbon in the Martini Bar was a big drawback for me- the first time I asked the bar tender if they still had it the response I was given was, “If you don’t see it, I don’t have it.” That was the same night we had to wait 20min at Palms before our server came to take our order. After another 20min we still hadn’t received our appetizer so we decided to leave and go let the front desk know. They were very nice and told us the manager we either come by the room or call us. We picked up dinner at Patios to take back to the room so we wouldn’t miss the call from the manager. The next morning we had not heard anything so I called the front desk- I was told that the new manager on duty would call me very soon. We waited around 20min and no call so decided to go to get breakfast. When we came back I checked the voicemail and no call- so later in the day I called again to check. I talked to two different managers and was told they called and stopped by but they didn’t leave a note on the door nor were they able to leave a voicemail. I asked that since their voicemail system wasn’t working that wouldn’t that be a even bigger issue? No response- finally Shawn called and apologized again and offered us a bottle of wine at Feathers that night during our reservation. I thanked him and we had our best service that night from Sherry Ann at Feathers. The last night at Patios was Lobster night- short story we were given the wrong entrée’s and then my wife got food sickness that night. When we went to check our the next day I was told that I was charged $50 for my scuba recertification from the prior Tuesday of which I had not been charged the trip before nor was I told about this or signed for. Frustrated and wanting to leave I paid the charges. It seems the focus on the resort has lost the customer first attitude and has now come to be more of “attract the masses” and not what we remember from back in 2008.
    Just my two cents of this trip- we were looking forward to going to try out the new Couples Barbados next spring but I think we will be trying other resorts instead.

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    Hey - that's a bummer.
    We haven't been to CSA in some time, so we were a little worried what impact the expansion might have on service / intamacy of the resort. Our last vacation down south was to Barbados (Ironically, I believe next door to where the new couples is). Barbados is nice and has a different vibe. THe drawback is that it takes forever to get there. Go and swim w/ the sea turtles - sounds goofy but it was a great excursion. Hopefully you had a string of bad luck this time at CSA. We are going in Sept. I am trying to draw down our expectations for our visit - expect nothing and then you have everything...

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    tmiller - we are looking at booking a 7 night trip to CSA.. any suggestions on which suite to stay in? Pictures you can post? If you were to return which resort would you be staying at after this experience. I would really like one with scuba diving if possible. I can be emailed at if you would rather communicate that way. Thanks!

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    We went on our 3rd trip to CSA this past November and it was actually the best one yet. Everytime isn't going to be perfect, some have good experience and some bad. Our first 2 bad experiences didn't keep us from coming back. As we head to Mexico in a couple of days I am going to miss the service we are used to at Couples. Can't wait to get back to CSA this December!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    We were married @ CSA almost 7 years ago. We are big fans of Couples. We have visited all of the resorts & have found them each of to be wonderful in their own way. This July will be our tenth trip to Couples. We were @ CSA two summers ago & felt the resort had a different vibe. On our first day there we saw a man @ the bar puking. Disgusting. A few days later we were on the cat cruise & there was a man who was so intoxicated, he was going under the water. We pointed this out to the staff , & they assisted him in getting back on the boat. We felt the resort had more of a Spring Break feel than a romantic get away. I am saddened to hear the negative experiences other people are encountering. We love Couples & hope management will quickly address the concerns.

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    CSA needs to expedite check-in on busy turnover days. Just saying.

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    You can have as much fun or as little fun as you let yourself have. Live by the rule "don't sweat the small stuff" and I am hard pressed to see how anyone cannot enjoy CSA. We all have favorite liquors, foods, etc but to get so upset when one of them is not there makes no sense. If you were to write off every all inclusive resort that does not have Makers Mark Bourbon you may easily be eliminating 75% or more of them worldwide. Many don't even offer top shelf liquors as part of their all inclusive agreements. House liquors only.

    We have been to Couples 6 years in a row and never had to move our own bags to our room. You may have to wait for other couples' bags to be moved before they get to you but it will get done. After all, they are welcoming more than one guest a day. You also point out that they were able to move you to another room more to your liking. Since the resort is ofter full that was very nice of them but you turn it into something bad because they didn't move fast enough for you. Did you ever stop to think the room had to be cleaned and made up from a prior guest? Normal check in at the resort is 4:00 pm.

    As for the rest of this...they took too long to bring my food one time...they went to the wrong room to get my bags...they changed the charging for scuba since last year...come on. Did they change that just for you or is that the policy for everyone? True, it could have probably been communicated better but this was at the very end of your 5 day stay. Other than the $50 these are all minor misunderstanding or things we run into everywhere in life. Who hasn't had a slow waiter somewhere or had to wait for someone to move bags at a hotel? Did you enjoy anything??? It does suck for your wife got sick. No one likes to have that on vacation but to throw it into your laundry list of complaints as food poisoning is rather presumptuous.

    We have arrived at the resort the last couple years in the morning after an early flight. You know what? We know check in is 4:00 so we have bathing suits and sunscreen ready to put on and we go enjoy the resort while they do their job. Never a problem.

    Again I must repeat, don't sweat the small stuff. Relax, have a drink or two, take your floatie out into the warm Caribbean waters, grab a fish taco at Sea Grapes Cafe, stroll down the are in Jamaica mon...enjoy. It is as fun as you let it be. We will be back at Couples this year for the seventh time and already planning next years visit. Irie.

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