This will be our 7th trip to CSS and we have always stayed in a Beachfront room in A or B Block. I booked this upcoming trip late and there are no Beachfront rooms available for the week in May that we can go (nothing at CN or CSA either).
Only a Deluxe Ocean Veranda, was open which I quickly booked. Now I am having extreme anxiety since the reason we stay in A/B block is because of my husbands bad leg.
So I have poured and obsessed over pictures, reviewed my own video's, and drove my husband nuts with questions and options.
It seems from what I can tell is that the Deluxe Ocean Veranda rooms are on D and G block. D block is closer to the lobby and has less stairs than G block. However G block has the better views.
My husband needs a good view since he stares at the ocean for hours,I obsess more over bathrooms, I need space and I despise tub/shower combo's, I need walk in showers. I know this sounds crazy but we actually spend a lot of time in our room, and it is important to us.
So we never stayed, "up top" is what I always called it, and rarely went up there. Only to go to the Casanova, or shop.
I feel like we are going to a new resort. In fact I never walked past the wooden parrot outside the lobby on the street. Where does that go to? Is that the way to G block?
Should I ask for D block, since there are less stairs, or because he has to go up stairs anyway ask for G block? Or finally should I leave this up to fate?
I know my fellow Couples friends would understand this dilemma, and why I am so hung up on it. Thank you in advance for any advice, Angela.